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Tri zone

Saturday, 06 May 2023, Views: 291

Tri is one of the zones from ::zones2.

You can enter the zone by using the command ::tri

To enter this zone it is required to have 500 training knight kills.

This are the hellfire knights from ::lance

The tasks you have to do to finish this zones are collecting 100 keys of the Masterful Ranger, Masterful Mager and Masterful Meleer.

Where are the NPC’s located at the tri zone:

The Masterful Ranger will be found at the green area, which is at the north side of the zone.

The Masterful Mager will be found at the blue area, which is the south side of the zone.

The Masterful Meleer will be found at the red area, which is the west side of the zone


There are three keys you can obtain from the zone, this keys are:

-          Ranger key; dropped by Masterful Ranger

-          Magic key; dropped by Masterful Mager

-          Melee key; dropped by Masterful Meleer

Where do I use my keys?

The keys you could use at the chest in the middle of the Tri Area.

You could choose to open each key individually, but you could also combine the three keys to make a “Tri Key.” This key could be combined by using for example the ranger key on the magic key. If you done that you will see the following key in your inventory:


The rewards that you will receive from the keys are:

-          1b tokens

-          Crystal key

-          Golden key

-          A part from the Masterful Ranger/Mager/Meleer

From MagePS Staff Team