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    •   Hello, This will be my fishing guide for mageps   Fishing in mageps is a full custom skill and after training it i have enjoyed the way the skill was made and the benefits and will be writing a simple guide on how to level it and the benefits of fishing  Benefits of fishing Main reason people grind it is to obtain alligator gar's which make monsters aggressive for 5-6mins. They have a decent demand and can be used yourself for pvm. At current time gars sell very high. be aware full afking is not allowed but its nice to not have to click every mob one by one once u get gars. Decently chill, but takes some prep time The lower tier fish has a decent price value which can be grinded for half the cost if nobody wants to buy, (fish prices are between 500b-2.5t, and you can grind it for half that price. you will make some ok money even just grinding the fish on the way Cons of fishing XP is slow, especially without using both votes and double xp, especially if you want to grind to alligator gars. you will not get 1-135 fishing overnight. It will take a few weeks of casual playing or around a week of playing alot to reach lvl ~125-126 If nobody is selling feathers and/or traps/logs (usually aren't, and if they are its usually wayyyy overpriced) you have to train both woodcutting and hunter in order to get the feathers required (I found it fun but can see it being tedious over a long period of time) Leveling guide 1-135 1-99 You will not be able to train the skill by fishing until you reach 99 via lamps. You will most likely have to grind a bit of pvm if a fresh acc because you will need a few things (4xp ring and a few hugemage xp lamp) At time of this guide lamps were going for 5-20t and the ring around 20t   99-106 After you reach 99 via lamping you can move to the first area for octo's, simply buy a fishing net at ::shops and then click the fishing icon to teleport to the first area. no bait required for them. you will do this until 106.   106-114 After you reach level 106 you will need both a dragon fishing pole (mining+smithing or pos) and blood feathers (hunter, maybe pos if someone selling)   Once you have the required items do ::blood and run to the most north eastern area to fish piranhas 114-121 Once you reach 114 the next location is right where you teleport from ::blood Same as the 106 area however you will need a dragon fishing net instead of pole (still use blood feathers)     121-127 Once you reach 121 fishing you can fish for robot tuna, you will need space feathers (110 hunter req or buy from players and a dragon fishing net)   Simply do ::space and run north to fish robot tuna   Once you reach 127 fishing you've done it! you can fish alligator gar's. You will need to fish more then the required level to match your cooking the same due to the fact you burn some of the fish and both fishing/cooking give the same xp. you probably needed to do this while lvling if you cooked. Either that or buy raw fish from the pos if you have money spare.   127-maxed Once you reach 127 you will be fishing alligator gars all the way to 135 or desired xp, these are the most useful due to providing aggression for around 5-6mins to players who do own a pet that does aggression so it is a good moneymaker selling them and also for your own use pvming You will need a dragon fishing pole and space feathers simply do ::jungle and run straight south to reach the alligator gar's https://prnt.sc/wy7ebw[/img] Thats about it! hope the guide was helpful Final tips Stock up on feathers before training via hunter, it takes alot of hunter as well (Have over 113 by the time i reached 127 fishing) unless people are selling cheap Use both double xp potions and vote books (cooked fish grinded will recoup and cost and still profit Any feedback welcome this is my first guide <3
    • Melee: F2p Melee 2h – Crystal Scythe – made by combining blood scythe and crystal staff together. Obtaining it: Blood scythe, is made by combining blood staff and hades staff together. Blood staff obtainable by killing blood Nex and hades scythe is obtainable by hades drop. Note: hades scythe is untradeable. Crystal staff is made by combining blood staff, trident of the seas which is a drop from Poseidon and 300 Atlantic tokens also dropped from Poseidon. When crystal scythe is made, the scythe becomes untradeable. Melee 1h – Elderbone whip – Dropped from Boney beast. F2p Melee off-Hand – Rasta Teddy Bear dropped from Satucre The Boss P2p melee 2h – Custom Weapon - obtainable by custom deal worth $1000 from owner Satucre – Contact himself or admin staff before deal  F2p armor: Gogeta set - Obtainable by world boss Gogeta drop, a DBZ gear box or from Mageps special 2nd year anniversary box P2p – Custom armor – obtainable by custom deal worth $1000 from owner Satucre – Contact himself or admin staff before deal   Necklace – Cthulhu Necklace – Obtainable by a Cthulhu Drop in ::Uzones Ring – Cthulhu Ring - Obtainable by a Cthulhu Drop in ::Uzones Trophy – Super Saiyan Trophy – head of black Goku + Jiren head + Jiren head   Astrals – Level 10 red attack, damage and critical - See ::thread 11740 for more info Magic: Weapon: Evil Goku black staff (untradeable) – obtainable by combining evil Goku staff and 500 Cthulhu tentacles or Mageps special 2nd year anniversary box. Evil Goku staff is obtainable by a black Goku drop which or DBZ gear box. Cthulhu tentacles is obtainable by doing its zone at ::uzones. Offhand: Soul orb – obtainable by hades drop or from player. Armor: Season 1 Battle pass upgraded Harry potter set. To upgrade, use Ice hat, body, bottom, blood gloves, blood boots on armor and soul orb for the book. Ice set obtainable by killing ice dragon at ::iced. Blood gloves and boots obtainable by ::iced killing blood Nex. Soul orb is a drop from Hades. (NOT OBTAINABLE)   F2p Armor: black Goku set – obtainable by Black Goku drop or DBZ gear box   Necklace – Cthulhu Necklace – Obtainable by a Cthulhu Drop in ::Uzones Ring – Cthulhu Ring - Obtainable by a Cthulhu Drop in ::Uzones Trophy – Super Saiyan Trophy – head of Black Goku + Jiren head + Jiren head Astrals – Level 10 red mage attack, mage and critical - See ::thread 11740 for more info   Range: Range 2h: Jiren final sniper – Obtainable by Jiren drop, DBZ gearbox or Mageps special 2nd year anniversary box. Range 1h: 007 Ppz wear complete set for set effect (25% chance to do 3 lines of damage )   Offhand: DOOM spirit shield F2p Armour: Jiren set – obtainable by Jiren drop or by dbz gear box Necklace – Cthulhu Necklace – Obtainable by a Cthulhu Drop in ::Uzones Ring – Cthulhu Ring - Obtainable by a Cthulhu Drop in ::Uzone Trophy – Super Saiyan Trophy – head of black goku + Jiren head + jiren head Astrals – Level 10 red range attack, range and critical - See ::thread 11740 for more info Underwater: Weapon Melee: Crystal scythe (look above to see how to obtain) Weapon Mage: Evil Goku black staff (look above to see how to obtain) Weapon Range: Jiren final sniper (look above to see how to obtain) Armor: Upgraded diver set. Diver set is dropped by ::diver or ::uzones. Diver set consists of helmet, body, legs and oxygen tank. To upgrade use 500 hard crab shells  on plate body, 250 on helmet and legs and 150 on oxygen tank. Hard crab shells is obtainable by killing crab leader in ::uzones Melee Armor: Use Gogeta boots and gloves Magic Armor: Use Black Goku boots and gloves  Range Armor: Use Jiren boots and gloves Necklace – Cthulhu Necklace – Obtainable by a Cthulhu Drop in ::Uzones Ring – Cthulhu Ring - Obtainable by a Cthulhu Drop in ::Uzones Trophy –Underwater King Trophy – Poseidon head+ Cthulhu head + Cthulhu head Astrals – Level 10 red crit and the other two to match your fighting style Cape: Bis cape is diamond rank cape. Obtainable when prestige to Diamond Rank. To get diamond rank you must be sponsor rank and open a Diamond upgrade chest   F2p - Cthulhu wings - Obtainable by a Cthulhu Drop in ::Uzones Effects: List of some BIS effects set – all obtainable by MagePs events Buster ghostly set – Halloween event (NOT OBTAINABLE) Antisanta Set – Winter event Good santa set – winter event If you have started and missed these events BIS is the invisible set. Obtainable by killing blood Cerberus. Blood Cerberus drops head, body, legs, gloves, boots. Hades drops shield and necklace and ring. To get BIS invisible ring (E), you need to combine 5 invisible rings (NE) to make Invisible ring (E) Costume weapon – Beach ball obtainable from a past summer event (NOT OBTAINABLE)  
    • A lot is changing during the Mage Refresh. Seasons are kind of done, the BP will still continue, but the point of seasons was to innovate more then the last. This is the great refresh for Mage, lots of stuff you knew will be changed and made for the better.   The point of the Refresh is to fix major points in Mage 1. Its too complicated, where do i start 2. Skilling isn't worth the time, what benefits do i get from it 3. PvM needs more content and gear needs more rework 4. Animations on NPC's and fighting lifeless NPC's 5. More focus on grinding then AFKing, we want this to be an interactive server you can play with friends and always have someone to talk to. 6. A better client 7. Better Game modes   How do we fix #1 I will be making a video series on Mage starting from scratch! When this update is live ill figure out all the things which are complicated for new players and fix it for them. Anything I won't enjoy in early game of Mage I will fix and make better. How do we fix #2 We are introducing a new Achievement system, A new Relic System, and we already have Task Scrolls. We will also be introducing Skill of the day and possibly other interactive daily events which will go into our event area which is coming after this update. How do we fix #3 We are introducing lots of new superior slayer monsters which contain amazing new early-end game drops. We are also introducing a new upgrade system. And when i play mage from the start again, I will be buffing gear as I go. How do we fix #4 Animations were fixed on stream with lotsssss of time invested into it. I think a total of 100 hours has been put into fixing animations between the people who helped and the livestreams. We will also ensure all our future NPC's, our new weapons and etc all have amazing animations. How do we fix #5 Since all of these changes are being brought into Mage, such as the new slayer system, new prayer system, and achievements. It all incentivizes people to grind and explore new things. The less complex Mage gets, the more indepth the content can be. I hope with 2021 I can make a guide on everything there is in Mage on my youtube channel RSPS Life, so people can find all their answers quickly not just through our staff or forums, but through youtube as well. How do we fix #6 We have a dedicated client developer focused on making the Mage client better every single day How do we fix #7 I have to get the feedback from the community and make each game mode unique in a sense and enjoyable to play. Maybe better experience rates, or more benefits/rewards like a Ironman group boss and etc   Pictures of stuff coming soon and so much more. This is a small % of stuff coming to Mage Refresh.      
    •         This Guide is aimed at new players to give some information about all the money making methods. If I have left any out you think should be in here let me know and I will be happy to add them in   key note 1000b = 1T = 1k 1000T = 1Q = 1m     .:VOTING:.   you can vote every 12 hours and get 7 vote books every time you vote for a total max vote books of 14 per day. This can be done by typing ::vote in game and typing ::redeem to claim the votes  Not only is this a great way of supporting the server, but vote books can also be sold in the player owned shops (::pos) for around 10-15T each and nets you an easy 140-200T each day There are also rewards for the top voters of each month so keep that vote count up!!!       .:THIEVING:.   the amount of money you can make from thieving increases the higher your donator rank is and all stats in this guide are based on accounts with no donator rank   once you have 99 thieving from using skill lamps you can start thieving on the skilling islands   there are 4 different islands but each follows the same process there are 4 chests in each corner of the map (NE,NW,SE,SW) only one chest is active at a time and if its not active it will smack you for 50 damage, so BRING FOOD and check them all until you find the active chest.   you can thieve from an active chest 250 times before it becomes inactive and you can also use an auto clicker set at 2.555 seconds to make it easier, but it is against the ::rules to AFK     ::jungle - lvl 99-107 75b, 125b, 175b per thieve potential earnings per/hr 100T -  200T   ::blood - lvl 107-116 150b, 200b, 250b per thieve potential earnings per/hr 200T -  350T   ::ice - lvl 116-123 187b, 225b, 275b per thieve potential earnings  per/hr 250T -  385T    ::space - lvl 123 - 135     212b, 250b, 312b per thieve potential earnings per/hr 300T - 440T                                                          for a more in-depth slayer guide go to ::thread 11820                                                                                                           .:PVM/Grinding:.   while completing zones you amass A LOT of items you don't want and that no one will buy unwanted items in your bank can be traded to "I Buy Stuff" at home for a % of there worth. he buys all items worth under 100T  
        Any items worth over 1T can be tossed into the item exchanger/grinder the grinder gives 70% of the items worth with a small chance of breaking the item divine donators and above also have a chance to double the amount of money you get for the item     Double Grinder Chance Divine - 3% VIP - 6%    Sponsor - 10%    Diamond - 15%           zones like ::slayerh and ::odzone have an auto grind feature so that when you get rare drops from the zone it automatically turns them into cash and puts it in your bank     .:BOSSING:.   by far the best money making method is end game bosses I will be listing some bosses worth killing and what they drop make sure to always join the world bosses (::Goku, ::Gogeta), their spawn times can be found in the server information tab and join ::Pepe the vote boss whenever votes reach 150/150, which can also be found in the server information tab   Blood Queen - 5m hp for an in-depth Blood queen guide ::thread 11736 blood staff 25-35Q blood boots 3-5Q blood gloves 3-5Q         Poseidon - 7m hp crown of the seas 3-5Q trident of the seas 6-10Q Atlantis tokens 10-15t each     Cthulhu - 14m hp Cthulhu wings 4-6Q Cthulhu amulet 4-6Q
      Cthulhu ring 4-6Q                                                 James Bond - 13m hp Bond keys 20-50T each 007 gear 5Q-10Q depending on piece 007 Ppz 20Q                                                               .:ASTRAL XP:.   this method takes money to make money Red astrals and astral xp can be sold to other players for a decent profit. this method can be used while you pvm as you can do astrals while killing some npcs with the use of alligator gars / agro pets     on average it takes 30-35Q to make 50k astral xp and nets around 30k magic points 10k magic points can be spent in the magic points shop to buy red astrals which can be sold for around 5-6Q  and 50k astral xp can be sold for 45-50Q  using this logic you can spend between 30-35Q to make 60-70Q if you sell all astral xp and red astrals doubling your money!!!   for an in-depth astral guide see ::thread 11924    .:DONATING:.   Donating is not only a great way to support an awesome server to keep new content coming, but it can also be a good way of getting some easy cash you can donate for some awesome gear for your account or In name donations can be sold to other players before donating always check out ::deals to get some extras and pm one of the friendly admins to see if they can give you a special deal and/or post your donation in ::discord market to get the best price on your in name donation   in name donations can be sold for, but not limited to $100 = 25-30Q     check out ::thread 11783 for donation benefits    
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