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    •   Add on: Active 2-9pm everyda\
    • short and sweet. I'm relatively new to the server and Elite was one of the first people to add me and PM with with help. He's got a friendly demeanor and is always there to asssist
    • Guest Elite Father
      Add on: Time Zone- CST
    • Guest Elite Father
      Application for Helper Name: Elite Father   Mage PS Helper Roll   1.   How long have to played Mage PS? a.   Combined between two accounts 16 days and $800 donated   2.   How do I love the community and want to make it better? a.   I’ve been apart of the community for a while now and see the possibilities this server has to offer to each and every player. b.   I’m always looking to help new players with the smallest stuff because we were all there at one point trying to figure out how to succeed on this server. c.    I started playing months ago before the first battlepass so I’m very knowledgeable on the game roots and help whenever I can. 3.   Love the constant update and owners a.   The updates have been off the wall lately, and there’s still more to come. I think having someone else in the helper role won’t hurt. b.   Alex with his goodie bags are a great incentive for new people and love it. He’s super interactive with anyone that asks for him. c.    On top of owners all the staff have been doing a great job keeping people active with daily drop events, hns, and trivia. 4.   Conclusion- Why I think I’d be a good fit for the roll a.   I’m very friendly and have made a name for myself in the community as an older player. b.   I help new people out daily ex. With heaven stones, upgrading weapons, droprates, astrals, and everything else, I’m your guy. I really hope y’all take my application into consideration and I hope to hear back from you guys!
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