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Mage is a PvE server with great economy, tons of players, and plenty of content to keep you entertained. If you're new to Mage, we recommend watching our spotlight video to see what we're about and to learn how to play the game!

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Greetings all MagePS players! and welcome to yet another amazing update thread. Some major changes and updates have hit! and even more to follow!
Boss Heads
Take out your bossing frustrations with the new Boss Head Mechanic! All players now have a 1/5000 chance to savagely decapitate the boss your slaying and boast their heads as your own trophy. Each head can be crafted into a trophy for some POWERFUL bonuses. From stealing hp per hit, to flat damage % increases, boss trophies will not only make you an absolute powerhouse...but also allow you to show any boss, whos boss

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