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Frieza boss guide

Saturday, 06 May 2023, Views: 307

Frieza Boss Guide 

First and foremost you must complete 1/3 rewards for boney and ice dragon to fight the Frieza boss! 

You must have at least 1 Frieza token in your invertory to teleport to Frieza using the command ::frieza 

When you arrive at frieza the boss will be in the West, it has a total of 15m HP and i would suggest a minimum of 20k dmg to fight it (without boosts)  

Now when your fighting frieza it does have some mechanics and its quite easy to dodge.

When Frieza puts a light above his head (around 6m-7m hp left) it will start to spawn frieza bombs (around 4m-5m hp) and all you need to do is run away (east) as far as u can until they have de-spawned and then your okay to fight frieza again! 

What loot does Frieza drop you might ask, well i'll show u right here!

(Note, u need all 1-7 dragonballs to spawn gogeta)

From MagePS Staff Team