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Max hit guide

Saturday, 06 May 2023, Views: 811


Going to start this off by saying that maxhits vary based on account type and attack styles. I will mostly be covering melee due to current meta, however this guide can be used to build any setup. 


There are 3 different modes that affect how your stats are built. Each account type will add +1 stats based on the following npc kills:

Normal - 30

Ironman - 21

Elite - 18

This is why grinding up your total npckills is very sought after by end game players. It is the most consistent way to always be increasing your damage output when you're nearly maxed requirements for everything else.


As I mentioned, I will be covering melee in this guide. ::maxhitr and ::maxhitm are going to be very similar from here on out and the same concepts will apply to all attack styles.

Gogeta Set, Cthulhu Amulet, Hell Queen Level 3, Diamond Cape ( or Cthulhu), Crystal Scythe (Blood Scythe + Crystal Staff), Cthulhu Ring, Red Crit lvl10, Red Dmg lvl10, Red Attack lvl10.  

Keep in mind astrals are the FASTEST way to increase your maxhit if you do not have them yet. You need 20 zones unlocked in order to wear 3 astrals (10 zones for 2). You cannot wear more than 1 of the same astral, so the best 3 to wear are Crit, Dmg, and Atk for each combat style. The Red Crit astrals give a 5% chance to double your damage for the next hit, which scales per level (ie. lv2=10%, lv3=15%, lv10=50%). The Red Damage astral gives 5% additional damage per level as well (same scalability as crit) while Red Attack gives 2,000 strength bonus per level (max 20K). Having the highest tier astral (green-blue-purple-yellow-red) leveled as high as possible is recommended. 

Since full Gogeta is extremely hard to come across, the most plausible gear setups are: 

Luffy Set - Battlepass only (Can be swapped for Frieza or Elderbone, both very close in strength bonus)

Goku set


The next part of gear is your weapon. Visit the Upgrade Master at home in order to level up your weapon to level 10 (max level). 


Since Goku and Gogeta both have their own double strength set effect, you CANNOT stack this with the double strength potions. You may only use the Damage Pickaxe from ::afkzone which increases strength bonus by an additional 1.3x. This pickaxe costs 25K Rainbow Fish and is a 1 time purchase (keep in mind you can now sell pickaxes back for 50% value).

If you have enough Rainbow Fish for the stacking damage pickaxes, they will offer the same 1.3x buffs but can stack with double potions for 500K rainbow fish. For ex) Luffy set may use the set effect + double strength potion + stacking damage buff. This increases its dps and makes it the current 2nd BIS set behind Gogeta. Frieza offers more strength bonus than Goku with these pickaxes, and Elderbone gear has the same strength as Goku (making it a cheaper alternative if you get the 500K stacking dmg pickaxe!).

Other vote or random buffs that give strength or damage increases are:

- Deep Wound: 2% chance to deal double damage.

- Strength Mastery: 1000 strength bonus

- Weapon Mastery: 1% chance to deal double damage

- Toughness: 500 attack bonus (including strength bonus)

- Devotion: 3x melee attack boost (accuracy) + 500 strength bonus


Completing zones give occasional damage buffs which can add up end-game. The following markers are where you get some damage buffs by completing zones:

3 ::zones: +5%

5 ::zones: +5% (1H only)

7 ::zones: +10% (2H only)

15 ::zones: +10% 

22 ::zones: +10%

2 ::uzones: +10% Underwater, +5% Above

4 ::uzones: +20% Underwater, +10% Above

Completing zones has many benefits on top of increasing maxhit. 


Prestiging gives 0.05% damage increase per level for a max of 5% dmg at Prestige 100.


The next way to increase your maxhit is to kill npcs that increase 1-handed and 2-handed weapon damage. In the ::maxhit screen, this is shown under "Equipment Boosts".

1-Handed Damage

A maximum of 10% damage can be added per boss for a total of 50% 1H dmg from the following:

- 11K Rage Vorago

- 11K Tormented Demons

- 10K Blood Cerberus

- 10K QBD

- 10K Corp Beast

2-Handed Damage

A maximum of 10% damage can be added per boss for a total of 50% 2H dmg from the following:

- 11K Satucre

- 11K LuckyKnights

- 11K Kril

- 10K Diablo

- 11K Hades

The most sought after damage buffs for melee come from 2H, since Crystal Scythe is a 2H weapon. It is recommended that you finish all of the above in order to always have 50% dmg with every weapon you use.


There are 3 current costume sets that can increase your maxhit. The total costume maxhit damage is 15%. Beachball from the current ::summer event gives 3%. 

There are 2 other summer event sets that offer costume buffs to add more damage. The girl beach set and the chad beach set. The Girl Beach Set is for 2H dmg, while the Chad Beach Set is for 1H dmg. 

If you missed out on the summer event, you can still use the invisible set. It offers 12% damage for the complete set (10% gear and 2% ring). 

The invisible ring is acquired by collecting 5 NE (not equipable) verisons of the ring in order to make it E (equipable). 


 I am going to stick with the pets that will increase your damage:

Bloody IT / Chucky Doll: 12% level 1 - 40% level 5

Cell / Frieza / IT / Chucky Doll: 10% level 1 - 30% level 5

Luffy the Monkey (Battlepass only): 10%

Freddy: 5%

Gogeta: 4%


::Power is unlocked once you are able to fight Boney Beast. 

The fight at Power itself is pretty easy. Just 4 waves of NPC's including Diablo + Tormented Demons, followed by a final wave of Boney Beasts. Once you complete the waves you will automatically receive one of the following:

- 20% Melee Damage Boost

- 20% Range Damage Boost

- 20% Mage Damage Boost

Keep in mind that it is a Diamond Donator perk to be able to CHOOSE your buff from Power. Every 24 hours a diamond player may active whichever of the 3 buffs they want.

To my knowledge, this is everything I know about increasing your maxhit. Let me know if I've missed anything and I'll be sure to edit it in. Thanks for reading, good luck!

From MagePS Staff Team