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Tower minigame

Saturday, 06 May 2023, Views: 419

Tower (Unlimited food/overload and prayer restore) guide

What is tower and how do I enter?

Tower is a minigame which will helps every player to get unlimited food, overload and prayer restore.

The benefit of this is that you don’t have to buy food and overloads and you don’t have to teleport to home to restore your prayer.

By using the command ::tower you will be teleported to the train area and you spawn next to Rick (from Rick & Morty).

If you talk to him you can choose between “Talk to” and “Horror Tower Exchange.” If you talk to Rick you can do the minigame and you can choose between two several styles “Normal” and “Endless.” Normal works with waves and has 5 waves. This means that you have to rejoin each time when you have finished the 5 waves. Endless has 15 waves.

The “Horror Exchange Tower” will open the shop.

Which game-mode do I need to do (Normal/Endless)?

The normal game-mode will, as already explained, take 5 waves and will give you 1500 points when u finished the 5 waves.

Endless is 15 waves and gives you also more points when you finished it.

Recommended is to do the Normal game mode, because u will grind your points faster than at the endless game mode. The reason is that some of the waves in Endless gives the same amount of points, but you have to kill more NPC’s.

Horror Exchange Tower (Shop)

At the shop of Rick (click on Horror Exchange Tower) there are several things you could buy. The following items are the most important to buy:

-          Interdimensional donut (Costs 12.5K points); Donut will heal you

-          Holy Grail (Costs 20K points); Use it on donut to be able to restore your prayer

-          Holy Grail 3 (Costs 30K points);  Use it on donut to be able to get overload

In the picture below the items which are the most important to buy will be visualised:

From MagePS Staff Team