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Hybrid item

Saturday, 06 May 2023, Views: 371

Guide Hybrid items

Definition of hybrid item:

Hybrid items are items which works as part of the set. Besides it works as a part of the set, it also gives you extra stats. If you have for example a Goku set, you will keep the set boost (Super Saiyan bonus) if you wear hybrid items. As already said: the hybrid items give higher stats, which means that you increase your damage.

Which hybrid items does MagePS have and how to get them:

There are three hybrid items in the game, these items are:

      Crown of the seas:  Able to get from Poseidon (::uzones) or buy it from players.

On which sets can I use the hybrid items?

There are several sets in the game which allows you to wear hybrid items. One important thing to know is that the sets which allows hybrid items are classified in tiers. In game we have “Tier 1 sets” and “Tier 2 sets.” What the tiers mean and which sets are classified to these tiers will be explained below:

Tier 1 sets

Allows you to wear only one of the hybrid items in combination with the set. This will be the following sets:

-          Jiren set,

-          Black Goku set,

-          Tiger rage set,

-          Bond set

Tier 2 sets

Allows you to wear two hybrid items in combination with the set. This will be the following sets:

-          Goku set,

-          Ice set,

-          Tiger fury set

For this tier it’s recommended to wear “Crown of the seas” and one of the “Blood items.” The reason is that the crown has better stats, which means that your damages increase a little bit more.

How your stats will look like if you got these item equiped, will be visualised in the picture below. As example the Goku set will be used:

From MagePS Staff Team