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18/06/23 - Astral Rework, Insane QoL, Lots of new Additions!

Saturday, 17 June 2023, Views: 1,007

Astral Rework!

Most important update, but what it really does is make your process of doing astrals 100x easier. The worst, but most important content on Mage.

We added a Astral All Button and auto selling white Astrals. This alone should make your astral experience 100x better.

Discord Linking - Will be enabled after 1-2 days

Linking your discord will now give a $10 rank automatically and when linked give 2 points per message on discord. 3 Points if your shown playing Mage per hour in-game and double points if you are boosting the discord. Also 1 point per 2 hours you are on Discord.

The points you spend will be made into a Discord shop with opinions from people on Discord! So this will be added 1-2 days after as well

Discord voting on Price guide options

This was polled and passed. People can now vote on Price guide options and have them added in-game. Anyone can suggest a price and it will show up on Discord for voting! If I vote up it gets added in. If I vote down its rejected. So make sure to make your votes known before I vote!

Relic Resets for Tier 3 and Tier 4

3rd Relic reset is a perm unlock that allows you to switch Tier 3 relics forever. This is obtained for 15k Raid Points!

4th Relic Reset is a one time reset and the reset for Slayer to change to task scroll relic is 20k slayer points. And the opposite is 15k Task Points

Get 2x NPC Kills KC buff when killing a Global now

This will help Zone progression and noobs a lot now!

Goku gives a 3 minute Buff

Pepe gives a 6 minute buff

Gogeta gives a 12 minute buff

Knight Minigame full rework

Knight minigame rates were reduced by half making the minigame MUCH easier now. Also you have a 25% chance at a rare loot at room 2 and 75% chance at room 1. This is 3-4x Easier minigame now. Making it very worth it for end gamers to grind out now

Right Click Grind to all items in-game with a Grind One and All option

A super important update because a lot of servers have this on all their items now, but on Mage its confusing requiring you to find an object or drag stuff in bank. Its a lot of work and a waste of time.

Suggestions and QoL

  1. Good and Evil has now been reworked to give a winner every 1000 kills instead of waiting a day for reset
  2. Breaking down Crab Armor is now possible to make Hard crab shells
  3. 100 Feathers have been added to Rare Drops to all 4 bosses. And 3 Rare drops specifically for Phoenix boss
  4. Teleporting to ::vorago will now tell you where to get a maul
  5. Teleporting home will restore prayer and HP and tell you that you feel refreshed now!
  6. More Rewards have been added to Raid point shop. 20 Points = Ice keys, 40 Points = Blood Keys, 55 = Fused Keys
  7. A ::power NPC has been added to home. Once forgotten content is now remembered!
  8. Charms have now been removed from Drop Tables
  9. Buffed Sword the devil and Sword the Devil(u) more to 3 lines of damage and heal. And a new special attack similar to Crystal scythe
  10. New players have no choice, but to do tutorial now. As too many players skip this and act confused!
  11. All Missing weapons have been added to upgrade weapon master
  12. A 75% Drop rate boost has been added for players under 50k NPC kills buff. The text has been added for it as well that its a buff since your a noob only

Bug Fixes

  1. Battle Pass Discord channel has been fixed
  2. Staff benefits and weekly rewards have been re-added to the Staff channel
  3. Fixed Friezas bombs not despawning after kill

From MagePS Staff Team