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11/05/23 - QoL and Suggestions - Mage adapting to 2023

Thursday, 11 May 2023, Views: 644

I thought since we are adding so much new content and QoL/Suggestions I should make a new thread! So welcome to Update #47

Drop Rate Scrolls

These are one time claim scrolls. Here's how to obtain

15% Drop Rate Scroll - $150 On Store

30% Drop Rate Scroll - $300 on Store

5% Drop Rate Scroll - 50k Donor points in-game

8% Drop Rate scroll - 10k Slayer Points

12% Drop Rate Scroll - 50k Raid Points

When claimed it will show and reflect on ::mydroprate

Upgrading Chance Donor Rank Additions

-2% Extra chance to Upgrade an item as a VIP

-5% Extra chance to Upgrade an item as a Sponsor

-7% Extra chance to Upgrade an item as a Diamond

-10% Extra chance to Upgrade an item as a Trusted

Melee Attack Distance Fixed

Should attack from 3 tiles away and register a hit earlier so it looks more clean instead of you dancing with an NPC sometimes.

Hide Feature added for Players,Buffs, and Pets into settings Tab

Added descriptions to every teleport in the Mage Book

Teleporting has been added to all Slayer Tasks. Can teleport via the NPC or Slayer Gem now!

World Bosses are now big boy sized

Suggestions/QoL Added

-Reworked Lance Minigame to give Hell Knight Armor pieces every 25 Kills

-Lance Minigame is now Starter zone pretty much no more noob lance drops in general. Claim your final Lance from 150 Kills and now the final lance upgrade has been added to ::upgrade. Teleport now is ::hellfire and ::trainingknights

-Phoenix Ring now gives 28% Drop Rate

-Gamble Machine has a 5 a day limit now

-Gambling PvP has been removed from Sundays. We might add a gamble event in future or fun events instead. Not to lose bank

-Crown of the Devil is now a hybrid Item

-Deoxys Damage has been changed from 150 to 100 when wrong formation and from 75 to 70 when on correct formation. Should be more viable to do runs now

-Horror bones, Celestial bones, and if we missed any other bones will be stackable now

-Added a notification to relog if stuck on Tutorial Island map. Should help new players properly to progress if they ever get stuck, now they will know to relog to reset the step! Can tell new players too if you ever see them stuck on tutorial <3

-Added Hide buff, Player, and Pets to settings tab. And added an X to the interface

-Added a ::boss and ::bosstasks command to teleport to Boss Tasks NPC

-Turtle Stone Donating is now unlimited. So if its capped you can keep donating to finish your tasks!

Bugs Fixed

-Gills and Phoenix Amulet now have similar buffs to previous Amulets

-Light Lance claiming from Zone Rewards will count for Easy Achievement

-Removed 1 HKO Mechanic from Underworld Bosses

-Fixed the Mining Rates for Dragon/Space Picks and now one should be faster then the other

-Remove ::record message from when teleporting to Gamble zone, and other old notification. Updated to a new one

-Name Change Scroll not working has been fixed

-Starwar Raids NPC's will now spawn properly

-Cannot use Easy-Elite Slayer bones on Prayer Altar has been fixed

-Satucre Boss will now spawn properly in his cute little map

-IMB and GIMB spawning and re-spawning has now been fixed 100%

-Good Ranger and Evil Mage will now reset after 24 hours

-Globals will now show players damage the whole fight

-Phoenix will now count DR potential, it bugged because of Geysers counting the finishing kills

-Phoenix will give rare drop additions to ::zones now

-Phoenix Ring and Amulet has been added to accessories to ::upgrade, was in weapons before

-Bug Fixed with Voting and Pepe killing

-Removed 1 HKO mechanics from the new bosses. Way too much HP to be able to 1 HKO. This means you 1 HKOing the boss

From MagePS Staff Team