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30/11/21 - Mage 3rd Anniversary - We are back!

Tuesday, 30 November 2021, Views: 993

Its been a while and its nice to talk to the Mage community again. Time goes by so fast, and a lot has happened in those 3-4 months. This isn't an update thread with excuses, but just a promise for a better future. The 3rd Anniversary marks the start of something great for Mage and a much needed change you have all been waiting for. This game will be the game you knew and loved, and with all the love put back into it. I am here to make it better, and keep making it better. Thank you for the patience you have shown even though most of you have left at this point, we welcome you back, back for the greatest comeback in RSPS history! Lets goooooo 3 years of Mage and many more years to come!!!

This update brings lots of long awaited changes, and content. It also is the start of more updates again. We hope you enjoy this update, and grow to enjoy Mage once more.

Knight minigame

This is finally our solution to an item sink, and to generate more cash for the economy, with amazing Rare rewards, we also have amazing constant rewards such as cash from every room you clear. This is a great mid-end game activity for you to do. We hope you enjoy this minigame as it is made to shape the future of Mage, with all our future updates as well. As we implement a better balance of all the item sinks, money sinks, and of course making it all fun.

Knight Exchange

To enter you must give the Knights armory a weapon and he will exchange it for ticketsBlood staff - 90 TicketsCrystal staff - 130 TicketsBlood Scythe - 110 TicketsCrystal Scythe - 160 TicketsEvil Goku black staff - 200 TicketsJiren Final Sniper - 250 TicketsOmega Katana - 4 TicketsGem Katana 3 TicketsHell Slayer sword - 6 TicketsBlood Edge sword - 5 TicketsElder bone Whip - 9 TicketsEvil staff - 1 TicketGood Ranger Bow - 1 Ticket007 Pistol - 35 TicketsBlue Lightsaber - 2 TicketsRed Lightsaber - 7 TicketsRed Lasergun - 10 Tickets

Rare Rewards

Normal Rare Rewards

10 entry tickets, 20 entry tickets, 50 entry tickets, Superior 3rd anniversary box, 3rd anniversary box, $10 bond meaning gives rank, 2,000 d points box, 5,000 d point box, 10,500 d point box, 4x easy task scrolls, 3x medium task scrolls, 2x hard task scrolls, 2x elite task scrolls

Lucky Rare Rewards

Knight prayer scroll - unlocks double down(132 prayer)Roly poly - model is in-game, Mega drill blueprint - object model is in game

Holy Sword

Holy Shield

100% Rewards per clear

100% Rewards include Cash for clearing each room, so this is a great way to exchange Tickets into cash, especially with daily free entries. Enjoy this amazing Item sink to obtain cash/end game items

Each clear also refills your HP/Prayer and gives a Random buff, so if you need to get buffed up. Come here!

Fixed Deoxys

The long awaited fix for Deoxys is here. The Deoxys boss will now properly show the overheads, and correct formation will only hit a 75 instead of a 150, and wrong formation will hit 150 instead of 1000, making the boss more do-able and balanced to enjoy with your friends finally!

Roly Poly

This is a great new little reward from the knight minigame. It is basically a set upable cannon, its not a pet, its not a cannon, ITS A ROLY POLY. It is fun to use and will deal tons of damage. To input the ammo needed it will smelt and forge its own ammo when you use a Dragon bar(200 charges) and Space bar on it (300 charges).

One cannonball does 10-100k damage

Each cannonball is shot every 5 game ticks.

The Drill

The drill is the solution to a more AFK approach of training mining, with a item to item sink. This would help create the resources you need to in turn create the bars you will need to fuel all the future content, and of course the Roly Poly.

Requires 50 Dragon Bars and 50 Space bars to build - 2 Drills can be built

The drill is powered by Blood on the dragon ore map, and Space stuff

Blood map

Each charge = 1 ore - drill can hold up to 1000 ores at a time before it stops working-Blood boots 250x charges-Blood Gloves 250x Charges-Blood Staff 500x Charges-Blood robe top 500x charges-Blood Hat 500x charges-Blood robe bottoms 500x-Blood Key 3x

Space Drill-Fused key - 3x Charges-Crystal staff 500x-Ice hat 45x-Ice body 45x-Ice legs 45x-Chtulu wings, ring, amulet 250x-Interdimensional key 15x Charges

Holy Sword/Shield + Upgradable Divine Sword/Shield

Holy Sword+15k str bonus and accuracy - 2 Lines 1 Tick35 prayRains down Thunder from SS special randomly 5% ChanceHits for an extra 1 line.

Holy Shield+10k Str bonus and accuracy25 Pray+15% melee damage

Divine Sword - from ::upgrade+17.5k Str Bonus and accuracy - 2 lines 1 tick 40 pray. Rains down the thunder from SS special 10% chance hits for 1 extra line

Divine Shield - from ::upgrade12k Str bonus and accuracy30 pray+20% melee damage

Venom And Carnage BP

The player voted and they chose the Venom and Carnage BP! We worked hard on making this the coolest aesthetically pleasing BP we would have. Since we are scraping using Anime models, we will now work with more texture based stuff, and create things you will love!

Both of these sets are textured!

Venom/Carnage Set Effect

Venom Set effect - Symbiote - If your HP goes under 50 your next hit does 100% extra Damage due to Venom trying to save you. 15 Second CD

Carnage Set effect - Symbiote - If your HP goes under 50 your next hit does 100% extra Damage due to Venom trying to save you. 10 Second CD

Showing how Carnage will look if you even upgrade only 4 pieces, and still have 1 Venom

Venom/Carnage Stats

Venom - +7500 in all melee stat boosts and str bonus+30 prayer a piece

Carnage - +8000 in all melee stat boosts and str bonus+35 prayer a piece

Venom Pet Effect

Mimics your attack if your wearing full venom or carnage - If you do 4 lines will do 8 Lines 10% chance to activate

Carnage Upgrade

Carnage Head - 250 Chtulu Tents + Necklace + 100TCarnage Body - 250 Chtulu Tents + Wings + 100TCarnage Legs - 500 Chultu Tents + 250TCarnage Boots - 250 Chultu tents + boots + 100TCarnage Gloves - Blood Orb + 1 BluePrint + 250 Space Bars + 50T

3rd Anniversary Boxes

This was made by our admin Heavymetal as a solution to all the trash boxes we have, and as a gateway into a GOOD cheap box, and a GOOD mid range box. And as well for our 3rd Anniversary we needed an amazing new box to impress you all <3

3rd Anniversary Box $3 - Gives 30-90T per open and a bunch of amazing starter-end game rewards replacing magical box

3rd Anniversary Box $10 - Gives 100-300T per open and tons of mid-end game rewards making it an AMAZING box to buy!

Fixed Server Null issues

The server will not stop working randomly like no teleports working and other stuff, we have found a majority of the issues and tried to fix them all. This took A LOT of time and effort, and should lead to a flawless Mage once more.

Announcement of Superior Drops

Drops made by superiors will now be announced to the whole server

Updated ::szone

Wow this was a long time coming, we heard your outcries and we made it happen. We revamped ::szone and made it useful for you the players!



Content Updates/Bugs Fixed

  • Fixed all Errors on our dedicated server
  • Space buff is now removable
  • Rick Pet(custom pet) is now 4 NPC agro and 10% Damage
  • Fixed Hades Auto retaliating
  • Fixed a bug regarding Woodcutting and opening interfaces such as banks after stopping it would close
  • Mist potion was nerfed to 3x3 area
  • Trident of the seas is same attack speed now as blood staff
  • IBC bow(custom) is now same attack speed as final sniper
  • Crystal Scythe now AoE's 3 NPC's correctly instead of just 2
  • Should show correct EXP of next level now
  • Evil Lord from ::evil, any bugs relating to him have been fixed now
  • Achievements when finished now go to the bottom of the interface for better sorting
  • Can use hybrid items with Evil set now
  • Fixed combat skills and EXP related to it
  • Fixed Goku Black item names
  • Fixed bug related to Deoxys prayers going to other NPC's and healing them
  • Removed tons of useless items from ::gear interface
  • Fixed Protector Prayer providing correct damage reduction
  • Fixed Underwater Zones Damage %
  • Fixed New donation items we added to stop saying Null

From MagePS Staff Team