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Star War Raids - Huge Update!

Wednesday, 28 November 2018, Views: 489

This update was a long time coming, we started work on it since we launched and it has taken a long long time to make, with a lot of delays, because it required a whole group of people to make happen.

The items needed to be designed with the NPC's, the Drop tables, The Item stat's, The fights themselves and the content this would bring, Plus the new interfaces. All around it required a lot of people and of course a lot of development implementing each thing to make this one big update work.

So to start the raids you would have to type ::raids and you will end up on this ice platform

You can talk to him to start raiding. And if you want to quickly skip the interface you can click quick join to join the last raid you were in.

Next up is the 3 bosses, they are in the following order Obi-wan, Stormtrooper, and Darth Vader

The difficulty for these boss's will be adjusted when we see how people raid and better understand the mechanics we should add to make it fun, plus the HP the bosses will have, the next update will be after 3 days when we gather all the information needed

Every Raid has a 100% chance of getting loot each kill, so everyone you do the raid with gets the loot.

Also with this new update we implemented a new mini game which you can obtain a Green lasergun, the 2nd best ranged weapon in-game the same way you obtain the korasi. With the Red lasergun being from Storm trooper Boss.

All this new content introduces a new Range bracket making Range viable, and Blue lightsaber/Obi-wan being good gear after your korasi and even beating the abby dagger. And DarthVader is great gear to be in the middle from Rage gear to tyrant/QBD, and being stronger then the strongest Katana the Red Lightsaber, but weaker then the Hellslayer.

Set Effects

Full Obi-wan - If you are wearing a full Obi-wan set it will allow your vast newfound wisdom to increase your drop rate randomly per kill from 1-15% 

Full Stormtrooper - Makes you shoot an extra laser every tick, regular the lasergun shoots 2 lasers per 2 ticks

Full Darth Vader - If you are wearing a full set and using the Red Lightsaber, you can operate the Red Lightsaber and switch to using the Force, this allows you to attack from far away with the same attack speed and damage as the Red Lightsaber, but the advantage is vs weak Mage defense monsters and being far away.

Special attacks

Blue Lightsaber - Cuts the opponent and makes him burn 1-10k(10k-100k) damage every 2 ticks for 5 ticks

Red Lasergun - Shoots a whole clip of ammo, shoots 8 lasers at once, and 16 with a full stromtrooper set, could switch to another weapon while the lasers are still doing work

Red Lightsaber - Doubles the damage you deal with it by overheating it for the next 5 hits

We are also doing a Sale on Raid's boxes for this update, each box is now reduced price from $20 to $15 for the next 3 days, and it will have a 100% chance of a star war raids item. With 60% being obi-wan, 30% being storm trooper, and 10% being darth vader.

Also you can pay $100 to unlock all the Raids and lasergun mini-game without any requirement's and start farming right away.

We will also now start working on all the other suggestions you guy's have, we will make sure to update every 3-7 days now to make sure Mage is the best custom server you will ever play! 

From MagePS Staff Team