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Store - Click on the picture for a description

Starter Pack


Opens Randomly giving you either a Gem/Omega Katana weapon + Lucky Comp/Rage/Vegeta armor + Free Drop Catcher + 2 Dragon Pickaxes, 2 Dragon Axes, 10 Crystal Seeds, 5 Glow Seeds 5 Double Str Potions, 1 Easy Slayer bone, 1 Easy Slayer Key

Dealers Chip


You can open up the ::chestg with this, and get the Trusted Dicer Rank, an upgrade from Diamond and requiring Diamond Rank!

2nd Anniversary Box


A 2nd Anniversary Exclusive. Get some of the best rewards in the box in-game right now.

Raids Box


Get all your new Raids gear here, always adding new Raids items to it, currently has Tiger King Raids stuff inside

Bloody Halloween Box - 2020


The brand new Bloody Halloween Pets. They will only be here for 1 month!

Easy Zone Skip


This will allow you to skip one easy zone to 3/3 completetion

Medium Zone Skip


This will allow you to skip one Medium zone to 3/3 completetion

Hard Zone Skip


This will allow you to skip one Hard zone to 3/3 completetion

Elite Zone Skip


This will allow you to skip one Elite zone to 3/3 completetion

Evil Goku Black Staff


The Best Magic Staff in the game with 4 Person AoE, 2 Lines of Damage, and a chance at a 3rd line 50%, but is Un-tradable!

DBZ Gear Box


Get one random DBZ Equip from all the DBZ content in-game, with a chance at the best armor in-game Gogeta

DBZ Pet Box


Get a chance at obtaining one of the five new DBZ Pets!

Overload Permenant Scroll


Unlock Permenant Overload on Mage FOREVER, never sip an Overload again nor eat a donut!

50% Prayer Drain Reduction Scroll


Never have to worry about your prayer again, your prayer will be feeling like its lasting forever!

Diamond Chest Ticket


Open up ::chestd and clean out the chest!

Battle Pass(No ::deals)


You will unlock the P2P rewards system at ::bp

Battle Pass Package(No ::deals)


Obtain an amazing starter package for Battle Pass which will come with the Pass and 20 Tiers!

Battle Pass One Tier(No ::deals)


Get One Tier finished on your battle pass

BP 25 Tier Package(No ::deals)


Get 25 Tiers finished on your battle pass

BP 50 Tier Package(No ::deals)


Get 50 Tiers finished on your battle pass

Shiny Red Gyrados(Underwater)


Obtain the First and Only Underwater pet with amazing bonuses and the ability to reach level 5 for maximum potential!

Cash Box!


Win 1-10t 11-100t or the grand prize of 101-1000t per box, Random chance for each one!

Chest Ticket


Open up ::chestr and clean out the chest!

Trophy Box


Obtain best in slot trophies through this box

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