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DBZ Gear Box


Get one random DBZ Equip from all the DBZ content in-game, with a chance at the best armor in-game Gogeta

DBZ Pet Box


Get a chance at obtaining one of the five new DBZ Pets!

Overload Permenant Scroll


Unlock Permenant Overload on Mage FOREVER, never sip an Overload again nor eat a donut!

Unlimted Prayer Scroll


Never have to worry about your prayer again, your prayer will be Unlimited!

Diamond Chest Ticket


A Highly Rewarding Prize system with high chances of big ticket items. Can be used at ::chestd to see the current prizes left in the chest with daily refills!

Battle Pass(No ::deals)


You will unlock the P2P rewards system at ::bp

Battle Pass Package(No ::deals)


Obtain an amazing starter package for Battle Pass which will come with the Pass and 20 Tiers!

Battle Pass One Tier(No ::deals)


Get One Tier finished on your battle pass

BP 25 Tier Package(No ::deals)


Get 25 Tiers finished on your battle pass

BP 50 Tier Package(No ::deals)


Get 50 Tiers finished on your battle pass

Shiny Red Gyrados(Underwater)


Obtain the First and Only Underwater pet with amazing bonuses and the ability to reach level 5 for maximum potential!

Crystal Staff!


The best Magic Staff in Mage, autocasting barrage, amazing stats and of course AoE

Blue Bikini!


Don't want to grind Ice Set and want to look hot? Get this and get the best of both worlds as the best Magic set in-game

Cash Box!


Win 1-10t 11-100t or the grand prize of 101-1000t per box, Random chance for each one!

Chest Ticket


Open the Magical 28 Goodie chests, they all have an amazing price in them with the owners constantly adding stuff like Hades scythe to it

Astral Box


Get 100% a red astral, one of the strongest astral colors in the game!

Hades Blood Scythe


An upgraded version by using blood staff onto the hades scythe to heal you also and add additional stats making it the best of the best!

Trophy Box


The brand new Trophy box which contains a random chance at any of the Trophies Mage has to offer

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