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  4. well i'm a legendary donor now, so lets see how this plays out lol 


    Hi guys this is chill clan, so if you wish to join and be apart of my squad which make members clout as fuck. We don't have any or much requirements, we love all. The goal of this squad is to make the game good more. Maybe some events here and there, maybe none at all. But that's what great about this squad! It's unpredictable and exciting because it's is. DISCORD: https://discordapp.com/invite/HRZEXy6
  6. Amazing work sat hopefully this is only a small ammount of what's to come we know you have some supprises up your sleeve lets hope s2 arrives soon fully but I know personally it will be worth the wait I also know the work Tea has been doing with certain things so im going to give props to him aswell because he's told me a few things he's working on and is creating atm and omg it will be insane if most if not all of his stuff he's working on is added Bring on season 2 😁 Forward
  7. People keep asking when is SEASON 2 COMING. WHEN IS IT COMINGGGGGGGGGGGGGGG. I can finally say its almost here and this update will prove it. As you know Mage has been out for over a year, and before that had tons of content. The point being we had to fix every single bug reported in the last year to make Mage Bug FREE which was a top priority. Next we had to release some experimental content and some needed QoL which will make season 2 spark! Now the next step is the Season 2 update itself, but we hope you enjoy this final update before season 2 itself. If you still find bugs and if you got anymore suggestions post it on Discord! Flaw of Mage As you may know the problem in Mage started with Elite mode>Blood staff>Astrals, and then got worse with Freddy pet. Freddy pet was the final nail in the coffin. People were hitting 85 million damage in a matter of seconds. 85 MILLION. This is unreal and huge power creep. So with season 2 every issue was addressed and with this we welcome you the best solution there is and a fix to every GAME MODE. The ORB system As you may have noticed. It says regular mode ORB. It has npc kills and a damage cap and slayer npc's. WHAT DOES IT ALL MEAN. Well for one Slayer was reworked into the zones ::slayere-::slayerh. This was just a first step in the right direction. What we didn't realize is people forgot about the ::zones themselves. So with this new slayer system, you get slayer tasks and you get a damage cap increase per slayer task done. The reason we released this first is because we wanted to see the feedback. Should we make the tasks all zones 5-30+ or keep the difficulty based on the amount of zones you completed. And of course you need 5 zones to start this Slayer. Next we implemented a cap on Damage. This is the great part as now Slayer has a use again to increase it, and so do zones because donor ranks will increase the damage cap as well and as you know we offer free donor ranks! And last, but not least since ELITE MODE system was scraped and redone into this. All GAME MODES Regular, Iron man modes, and ELITE can benefit from increasing their base stats through NPC kills With Elite mode being +18 KILLS to increase stats +1 on all attack styles, defense styles and strength With Iron Man being +21 KILLS to increase stats +1 on all attack styles, defense styles and strength With Normal mode being +30 KILLS to increase stats +1 on all attack styles, defense styles and strength Now people CAN ENJOY ALL Game Modes equally based on preference, Elite is still good, but Iron man comes in close without needing KC and Normal mode being the hardest to get stat increases, but can trade and enjoy the whole game. x10 Damage removed from the game Another thing we have added is the removal of x10 hits. Now hits will all be 1x, but the best part is now all the damage is condensed into two modes you can enable. 11720 damage will be shown like that or as 12k. This is because it got confusing for all players. Now the damage with the new damage cap will make sense. Command is ::hits or found in settings interface New HOME For Season 2 This is kind of an un-finished home map its like 90% done. There will be a skilling expansion for it as well. New Diablo Zone As part of Season 2 we wanted to finish the look of every zone to be unique as planned in season one, so with this we made a Diablo zone to match Diablo and the lava depths of hell hes from New Tormented Demons Zone As part of Season 2 we wanted to finish the look of every zone to be unique as planned in season one, so with this zone we went for a burning floor theme tormented and confined to an area of mining. Possibly dragon ores New Rage Vorago Zone As part of Season 2 we wanted to finish the look of every zone to be unique as planned in season one, and with Rage vorago since ::vorago is peaceful rocks, where do you think RAGE VORAGOS live, in a rocky area which is filled with their rage. Overload timer added and Astral's button Oh cool there is finally an overload timer, and we can add a timer for anything else you guys want, or even information for absorption pots and stuff. Bugs Fixed Fixed Buff timer message issue for 2x Ranged Fog is disabled by default and will stay disabled unless you enable it with ::fog Fixed message issue of bounty scroll announcement coming up again when not supposed too Fixed some spam messages on the chucky pet Fixed freddys targeting to work properly in singles and multies Fixed issue with freddy nulling npcs Fixed some zones that were missing rewards for donator points/amount donated = ::zones2 completing 5 zones and ::zones for 30 zones Fixed soul ring not giving right percentage of drop boost Overload now saves on logout and starts where left off Announcements changed for thread id was on the old thread when people logged in now on new one Fixed new maps not being loaded in clipping Updated client code to fix rendering of npc on custom interfaces Small Astral dupe has been fixed related to Range(Thanks for Reporting IT!!!!) Golden Dragon Drops for ::slayere and ::slayerm have been updated correctly(You guys never realized it didn't drop the range/mage armor as well to make the hybrid set) Content Added!!! Elites can no LONGER use PoS/Auction. This is due to them being an iron man and sticking to the iron man IDEALS! Added healing affect to crystal staff for a max heal of 25 Nerfed healing affect on blood staff heal by 10 HP. Possible EXTRA HEALING NERFS COMING TOO. To make food useful again same with crystal staff/Blood scythe. Bounty scroll added for ice dragon/blood queen with 250 kc requirement Removed Elite armour entirely as well as code to increase a users stats based on it Refactored Flooroverlays class for the minimap visualization. Modified minimap visualization, Areas will now show properly on the map, any locations that look function or black/grey please report! Tutorial has been updated to support the new home map All Teleports have been updated to match the new maps and areas Good Ranger Bow, Evil Staff, 007 Pistol has been added to upgrade chest, if we are missing anything let me know. ::Szone (Sponsor Zone) Has been made multi Removed ::xmas and ::turkey events. We don't talk about those and will make a better 2020 event! Have added an aggression buff the same as Freddy but only limited to one NPC for claiming 10 votes to BOOST votes with more rewards in future for voting. Thanks for waiting, no really THANK YOU GUYS for waiting. I never explained anything of what happened, and what is going on behind the scenes, but its been a hard couple of months. Season 2 will be amazing trust me guys! Lots of work is going into it with a lot of people helping to make it happen. Our staff, Our developers, Our on-going donators, and me trying to put it all together for you guys. Keep waiting it won't be long!!!! I PROMISE IT will be worth the wait. <3 From the MagePS Team <3
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  9. Need help

    Contact Tea on Discord he might be able to solve your issue Forward
  10. MagePS Price Guide January 2020

    Updated 9th Feb 2020 Forward
  11. Lance Minigame

    1500 kills and only have water lance
  12. Need help

    Yea you did what u could and i apreciate! but still not wanna do all the stupid starter grinds again hope an admin will give me my stuff back maurice
  13. Need help

    I tried to help u solve the issue but we couldn't fix it, so I suggested u make a new account and I helped you trade over what you had to the new account till your issue is resolved, your issue is known and will be fixed in the future Forward
  14. So i just came back to this game but sadly enough i cant get my old account fixed. Its called "real g" i cant add friends, look in pos dont have a trade option etc, Now i made a new account called "Lemmetry" that account can do everything, but i cant trade my hellfire gear and my lance to it so is it possible some staff member can give me those to my new account? Not wanna get it all again.. let me know. regards maurice
  15. Silas Helper Application

    +10 well where do I start with salis, he's active all most all day and night half of the time im sure he doesn't even sleep. Hes always helping and welcomes all new players new and old what ever time of day it is he will reply or you see him in cc helping someone. Salis is one of the nicest people I've met on a rsps before and he's always happy and I swear I've never seen him in a mood and u can have a joke around with salis and he won't take anything to heart. So yehh I feel salis will be a good part of the staff team for the future of mage Gl salis ❤️ Forward
  16. Forward Staff Application

    +1 Nice guy, most of the time online! helps out all the time and knows everythin about the game. GL
  17. Smelt staff application

    Hours you spend a day on Mage: i would say between 5-10 hours a day depending on my work load as an engineering student. Total hours spent on Mage(picture with your username): Reasons for helping people: There isn't anything that bring me joy and happiness as much as helping out new or existing players. I am active both in-game and on discord (smelt#9024). no matter where i am or what i'm doing, if i receive a notification asking for help, ill gladly put aside what i'm doing and provide the help needed. Helping out does not only mean helping new people, existing players can also benefit from the experience that i gathered from playing the game. Reasons for playing Mage: The concept of custom items & monsters grabbed my attention, also the fast and high hits that a player brings a question into me ( can i become stronger? is it possible to hit stronger than that). The idea behind Zones and rewards was something new to me, even by having a diamond cape + Freddy's set, i still feel weak and it takes time to finish every zone. Leaving the items and zones aside, the beautiful community behind this game kept me going no matter how hard my day was. The clan chat had all sort of stuff ( help + buying and selling + chatting and making fun on each other xD). It is a calm and relaxing place filled with a good adventure, peace and joy. Time zone: (GMT +4) Dubai
  18. Silas Helper Application

    +1 for this dudee knows his stuff, replies pretty damn quick see him online a lot and friendlyyyy See ya ingameee
  19. Forward Staff Application

    +1 definitely !! I joined couple days ago this man has been helping me since that moment. He explains the stuff well and hes a nice person to talk with. everytime I log on hes already there aswell, so id say hes worth it! Nice topic anyway Forward! See ya ingame <3
  20. 26/01/20 - Season 2 Prep Update

    Nothing can stop you, and youre plans with S2! Me and my fellow grinders on MagePS are supporting you... #StayBlessed.
  21. Preparing for Season 2, we're making sure we're ready to offer you the best possible experience, and that begins with ensuring that the game fun and exciting. We've been working extremely hard since the last update on a new and improved Launcher, an API with additional logging so your accomplishments are recorded and displayed, a variety of client and server improvements, and a wave of bug fixes. We're planning on pushing out one more update of bug fixes and improvements to the game before we begin pushing out Season 2. We hope you're as excited as we are! Server Bug Fixes Updated the maps server-sided so the clipping checks work as intended Removed the requirement to attack the Pilgrim Turkey boss You can now climb up and down the group ironman ladder Clicking objects will no longer send a message related to poppet making Made various improvements to the Ice Dragon's combat script Christmas crackers will no longer drop from the barbarian snowmen Improved Freddy pet aggression special and capped his targets at 3 Added display name requirements when setting up an elite mode account Fixed claiming on the attendance rewards Fixed the ::thread command Disabled donation tier announcements to help reduce spam Client Bug Fixes - our on-going efforts to reduce memory cost Properly flush sprite loading Fixed map path finding calculations Server Improvements Implemented additional save/loading checks to the player owned shops Various improvements to the Discord integration Revamped the mySQL server Added logging to improve analytics players online votes redeemed activity logging for claimed zones Loader Revamped the loader to reduce the amount of crashes This revamped loader includes: automatically locate the most compatible version of java you have installed. if you don't have java installed, it will install it for you self-update if out of version update the latest client version display the latest updates display the latest player activities I will also be making an announcement on what happened with Mage and why stuff is taking so long currently. A lot of you guys need to understand a lot has happened and its taking a lot of work to build the season 2 future and no one can stop me. It could have delays, but at the end of the day I won't back down no matter what! I am excited for the future of Mage as no matter how bad the setback and no matter how much bad stuff has happened. It matters how you get up and make the best of the situation you were given.
  22. Forward Staff Application

    1+ This guy is always there when people need help, - hes always trying to solve issues out if he can, and help new players, back then when i started, he helped me alot, and motivated me to grind even more. whenever theres an issue, hes there for people and most importantly, hes always active on the server
  23. Silas Helper Application

    Been helping in the cc ever since he joined. Is friendly to all players and has my thumbs up. +1 from me -shinox-
  24. Silas Helper Application

    I play 10-12 hours a day since I started in Early November of 2019. I help people because of the community it creates. Nothing better than helping someone when they first start and seeing them helping people within days as well. It creates an atmosphere where every time someone logs in the chat is flying with Welcome backs which is a great atmosphere for not only new players but players of all play times. My pms are always open and I leave no one out. I play Mage because I love runescape mechanics but love the high health bosses and dmg of games like Path of Exile so it fits my gaming needs perfectly and I've been on almost every single day since i first made my account. I am so excited for the direction its heading and would love to be a part of it in anyway possible. My time zone is EST
  25. Forward Staff Application

    Hours you spend a day on Mage: Easily Like 15+ Hours A Day Total hours spent on Mage(picture with your username): Reasons for helping people: Well lets Just Start By Saying Ever Since I Joined MagePS Community Ive Learned Alot And Have Helped In Places Where Im Needed And I Try My Hardest To Keep Everything As Good As It Can Be, Due To Having Alot Of Experience In Helping People In The Past So I Think Im Capable To Fill The Role Of Helper Rank Just So People Understand While Im Online Ill Always Be There Incase They Need My Help Or Just Want To Hit Me Up For A General Conversation Reasons for playing Mage: I First Found MagePS While I Was Surfing The Web Looking For Something To Do And I Stumbled Across The Runelocus Page And Thought Id Check It Out And It Was One Of The Best Decisions Ive Made In A While Because For One The MagePS Community Is Amazing And I Know Satucre(Owner) Is Working His Ass Of To Bring Everyone Updates To Keep Everyone Happy And Make Mage The Best Custom Server Out There (Ps Anyone Reading This Make Sure You Vote) ,Anyway I Feel If I Become A Part Of The Current Staff Team I Can Help Continue Making The Server Great For Everyone The Best I Can In Anyway I Can And Also Help Make MagePS The Number #1 Rsps Server Because Lets Face It With The Updates We Have Been Promised Im Sure We Could Be The Best Very Soon Time zone: GMT So I Dont Really Know Whats Left To Say Than What Ive Already Said So I Hope To See Everyone Around Ingame Or On Forums Forward
  26. Rank Request

    Diamond Rank
  27. Smelt is here

    Hello everyone it's Smelt, living in Dubai, United Arab Emirates. Been playing around for 10 - 11 days, and the zone content grabbed my attention while also making me addicted to the game. i am glad to join this wonderful community as it provides joy, laughter and help between each other. Never have or will ever see any other beautiful community as MagePS. Most people would recognize me because of my crazy donations but i don't regret it since it will support the server and build a bigger community, and ill gladly support it more every time there is a new content. See you around in game. Smelt.
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