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  3. Gear Guide

    Thank you, updated it... Hope you guys like it
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  5. Kawaii Black helper app

    Hours you spend a day on Mage: easily 10+ Total hours spent on Mage(picture with your username): Reasons for helping people: Seeing new players join,ask questions in the cc and helping them and watching them grow their accounts and become a regular on the server is my favorite. Reasons for playing Mage: I played the server like this one for 2 years and was staff for about 4-5 months. I love this server and love to see when we reach new player peaks and watching all the new players join makes me feel even better about the future of it. Time zone: CST
  6. Kawaii Girl's Helper Application

    Biggest vouch possible.
  7. Kawaii Girl's Helper Application

    Hours you spend a day on Mage: Anywhere from 4 to 16 Total hours spent on Mage(picture with your username): Reasons for helping people: To be truthful I certainly love helping people but it extends a bit beyond that. I love RSPS and have for a long time and want to continue in any way possible to keep the niche alive and healthy, and that is done through good servers, loyal players, and certainly excellent staff members as well. I have been Admin, Moderator, and Helper on various servers I've played and loved every minute of it. I love the reactions of new players when you're able to assist, I love when old players achieve long term goals, I love grinding and honestly there's nothing I dislike about helping people enjoy the same game as I enjoy. I feel as though my experience on other servers provides a solid base for being able to assist in-game and on forums, and also allows for minimal training if I were to join the team. In short, I want to be a part of extending this server's growth through reliable and trustworthy actions and gameplay. Although I am definitely biased, I can't help but feel like I would fit in well and would be a good team member, staff member, and friend to everyone not only in-game, but through active forums and discord activity. Thanks for reading. Reasons for playing Mage: I stated above that I love RSPS, but specifically I love custom servers, half-custom servers, and the like. I really do enjoy the constant updates, even though that was the example provided in the format post, but it's true. There's constant updates, reliable up-time, active staff members, a fucking lovely community, and excellent developers/owners. However, my reasons for playing and joining are different. I'm playing because I fell in love, but I joined because I saw a custom server with a base I knew but totally different content, providing honest deals, new shops, bosses, and items that I had never seen before, but what really got me was the Group Ironman mode. I cannot lie, I'm a sucker for duo/group modes on RSPS. I think many others are too. But as I said, as I continued to play I realized that this is a wonderful community with excellent staff all the way up to the top. Blessed to be playing MagePS. Thanks again for reading. Time zone: EST
  8. 21/04/19 - Happy Easter Update!

    woohoo! can't wait to try out this Easter thing I plan to be the first with everything
  9. 21/04/19 - Happy Easter Update!

    Thanks for the event!
  10. 21/04/19 - Happy Easter Update!

    Amazing update! Love the server!
  11. Happy Easter Everyone! This event is for everyone who loves Easter and obtaining Easter items We worked hard to bring an event that is fun and that can be done with all your friends! It will be up for the next 3-4 weeks and we expect everyone to join in on the fun. 1st person to get each of the items will get 5k donor points and $25 total donated 1st person to get all 4 items will get 25k donor points or 20 Magical Mystery Boxes and you will get $125 total donated Easter Map And Event! Brand new items Easter Bunny Pet - Flambeed effect, restores 40 hp every 15 game ticks so 9 seconds Easter 2019 Bunny Ears - Easter 2019 Rubber Chicken - Attacks as fast a Lance, 2500 str bonus. Good weapon to farm before lance grind? Might be buffed if too weak Easter 2019 Basket of Eggs - Acts as a shield slot, and will cover your main hand weapon so you run around with a basket of eggs! Run around with a cool walk animation and get the benefit of having a Dragonbone spirit shield for FREE THIS EASTER! Ways to Obtain Eggs - More added every single day Kill Bunnies at ::easter for 1-3 eggs per kill Kill 500 Bunnies and a Easter Bunny Mama will spawn and give everyone whos killing it 50 eggs Kill Goku and get 10 eggs for it Complete a 500 Kill Boss Task and claim your scroll and you will be given 100 eggs for it Magical Boxes ARE OUT With tons of amazing loot Head to the donator store to snag a box for only $5 Trophy Boxes ARE OUT Randomly Get one Trophy from the Box Head to the donator store to snag a box for only $50 Scroll of Efficency 100% for 10% drop rate is OUT Use it on a ring and get 10% drop rate 100%! With 5 slots you can get 50% max Head to the in-game Donator store and buy one for 12.5k donor points Bug Fixes and Changes Demon hunter crossbow effect removed from game Bikini and School girl set pieces have been boosted +50 str bonus Costume banking for Staking has been fixed Anyone who leaves the Staking ring now will lose and other fail-safes Goku spawn information is now on the player tab Vegeta Drop potential is now 120 kills to get 1% Name Changing has been fixed Lots of junk from donor store has been removed Casket changed into Lesser Magical box Evil claws fix for handing in Adding people on ignore will now prevent ALL messages from getting to you, clan chat, pm, public, ANYTHING Hellfire armor is now un-tradable Infinite supplies for pots has been added to the game, and more infinite supplies if requested will be added to other things Iron man group inviting has been re-looked at and fixed Boss of the day scrolls will now be given even if you log out and stuff Ref system has been re-done and more efficient now Client has changed the symbol and will be matching our new website Thank you for reading guys And once again Happy Easter to all of you from the Mage family!
  12. OGKushWookie's support app

    vouch for this guy, seen him helping many times
  13. Agony's Forum Application

    Haha good post bud! Hope you get it would be another good player helping out the sever 1+ support
  14. Farm God's App

    My Boy Farm God!! 100% cool dude helped when I first started and is always a cool down to earth person 1+ support <3 don't forget about me baby
  15. BigDawg Support Appl.

    Cool dude. Vouch
  16. BigDawg Support Appl.

    Hours you spend a day on Mage: I spend any where from 2-10 hours Total hours spent on Mage(picture with your username): http://prntscr.com/necqdn Reasons for helping people: I understand how hard the grind can be for new players and I like to help them so they know that someone is there to guide them along the way. What to do and what to kill armor etc.. Also like to see people enjoying the game so if I can spread enjoyment through mageps by helping players out that's what I do already and would like to keep doing! Reasons for playing Mage: I like playing mage ps, I like the custom items, also I really like the staff and being apart of it would be really cool. Along with wanting to get those vegeta and goku drops. I enjoy playing and talking to people within the game and helping them out even when I have no money to help I always lend a hand. Time zone: United States, CDT.
  17. Sociopath's Forum Mod App

    Yesss, my boyyyyyy.
  18. Sociopath's Forum Mod App

    Granted I've been around about a week, I feel the forums could use a clean up! I'm great with spelling/punctuation and I could help you guys out with correcting a vast majority of the typos I have seen. Nothing too fancy just some spelling errors that make some of the guides and posts easier to understand for new people I take pride in my work and would love to give it a shot.
  19. Gear Guide

    Great job Baron!
  20. Gear Guide

    Awesome guide, should include the star wars stuff too
  21. MagePS News [LOLOL]

    This was hilarious. Keep these coming daily please lol
  22. Agony's Forum Application

    Hey! I noticed that we don't currently have a forum moderator on here. I'd be willing to help keep the forums clean, help moderate them, and also help promote forum activity. I have a few ideas of things we could do to help increase the activity on here. Let's chat about it. P.S - let my boy sociopath be the second forum mod. me and him tho
  23. Ohai :)

    welcome to the server Sociopath, hope you enjoy your stay
  24. MagePS News [LOLOL]

    Im looking forward to watching this daily with my morning coffee and eggs. nice work man
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