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Dragon Sq Shield upgrade guide

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Helius    0

There's a lot of questions in-game on what the Sonic Rings/Paper/Hell Powder do. As some know, they're all used on the Dragon SQ Shield. This is a guide on how to level up and max out your shield. To upgrade your shield, simply left click it with the correct amount of resources needed to upgrade it.


To start out, people don't seem to know where to buy said Dragon SQ Shield, so go to shops and talk to Starting Shop (red dude)





Then head to ::customzone and kill the monsters there until you get this item as a rare drop:


With the Dragon SQ Shield and the Ornament kit in your inventory, click the ornament kit. 


Then you gotta head to ::sonic and kill the sonic monsters for 12500 sonic rings to upgrade the shield to tier 1 and tier 2.


After getting to Tier 2, you need to go to the ::ninja zone. There are funny looking monsters there that are apparently ninjas, they drop the thing you need to use next to upgrade your shield to Tier 3, Tier 4, and Tier 5, which is paper. You'll need around 52500 paper to get the shield to Tier 5.


For Tier 6, you need 5000 hell powder, but you can't kill anything to get it as a drop. You'll need to get the hell powder (and a random Tok-Tkzar armour piece) from opening hell chests.

To open the hell chests, you need a hell key, both of these are items that go into your inventory.



Once used on each other you'll get an opened hell chest.


You will need to open 50 hell chests, or buy 5000 hell powder from a player.


Then, enjoy your Hell Wing Shield (Tier 6)!

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baaail    6

Thanks for this.

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Anorak    0

I wonder what the stats on that thing is?

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