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Mage Release and the Future

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We have finally released Mage, I know it happened a few days back, but we didn't start the marketing yet and still we get 5 players+ online everyday which is exciting to see. 

Our goals when we start marketing is to go in steps and grow our player count naturally and have updates which will entertain you days on end. 

The best part is we want to listen to the community on update ideas and we will be reading suggestions, on Mage the possibilities are endless, we can make any NPC or Item into real life and make a concept behind it.

It will take time to grow to what GadorX once was, but I believe with a dedicated team behind it we will make it and with the support of you the players.

Right now our plans is to start marketing and since every single bug before release was fixed, its also a time to start adding in amazing updates. Our main concepts will be bringing Range to life, but also introduce a end game raiding system, so by the time people are in end game gear this update will be ready and people will have to grind it out to reach a new end game, but the best part about this raids system is the way it will work is it will have 3 stages and each stage will require a certain amount of unlocks, the final stage/room requires all unlocks prior attempting it, but the other stages 1 and 2 will be good for players transitioning from early to mid tier and from mid tier to mid end tier.

This is just one of our idea concepts and we have a lot more incoming. We also want to add things you guy's want, we don't want simple ideas like adding in a new NPC, you must explain what the NPC will do, whats the story behind it, what items should we make work for it, should it have requirments? What tier will it be early game mid game or end game. We are listening and we want to make this a great game for all to enjoy. 

Thank you for reading and we hope to see you in-game! 

<3 The Mage team <3

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