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Welcome to Mage - The re-Imagined Custom server of your dreams

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Back then I used to work on a server called GadorX, It was a top custom server of its time and eventually It closed.

Then my server was stolen by a person called "Hank"  the owner of Imagine-Ps. He is the one who also stole the soulsplit source and is using it right now, so now I am putting my GadorX/Imagineps source back up with the rightful owner.

Right now is a time for re-Invention, I want to release an amazing server with our team to put Custom servers back where they belong and not just make something boring without updates.

We will be launching soon in about a day or two and we had a ton of behind the scenes development going on for over two months!

We are sure once you play Mage you will find the Custom server of your dreams.

Thank you for waiting and the download link will be up soon, but for now join our discord


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