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Pet Effects and Bonuses on MagePS

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Pet Effects Thread
How to obtain Pets
~You can get these pet's through Pet Box's found in the store page~

Each pet looks awesome and has its own unique features as shown below

  • Agrith naar - increases skilling point yield by random 0-10% every time you get skilling points.+ doubles the impling points you receive
  • Celestial dragon - get double xp with bone crusher
  • Corp - 10% chance to cut incoming damage in half
  • Diablo - random 1-10% drop rate bonus per kill + cuts the QBD/Phantom set effect cool down in half
  • Drunk slave - 8% drop rate
  • Flambeed - Forces a cupcake down your throat every 15 combat ticks
  • Giant Squirrel - 2% chance to deal moderate bonus damage on each hit + 5% drop rate + 2% chance to take no damage when you get hit
  • Mixer - 8% drop rate
  • Ninja Servant - doubles chance to receiving item from thieving stall
  • Olmlet - 5% chance to deal huge bonus damage on each hit + 1% chance to inflict a burning effect on each hit AND random 1-20% drop rate bonus per kill + 1 in 75 chance to reroll a rare drop on every kill
  • Ork Legion - deals random 1-10% of your max hit every 3 combat ticks.
  • Pikachu - 10% drop rate if you are below 5000 npc kills, otherwise 5%
  • Prestige - 10% chance to deal bonus damage on each hit
  • Pumpkin - 20% drop rate
  • Raichu - 10% drop rate if you are below 5000 npc kills, 7% below 10000 kills, otherwise 5%
  • Satucre - 14% drop rate
  • Terrorbird - Halves the prayer drain received through pvp Spirit shield effect + Halves prayer drain from Strykewyrm attack
  • Tormented Demon - 15% drop rate towards tormented demons
  • Vetion - doubles spec restoration rate
  • Vorago - 10% chance to double your max hit on every hit
  • Whore - 8% drop rate

These pets are in alphabetical order not rarity order, the better the benefits you bet the rarer it is! 


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