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08/08/21 - PvM Refresh - Part 1 - End Game EXPANSION

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Welcome to a long awaited, a long time coming update. If you remember this happened once with Season 2 where it look a long time to get an update out.

Bright news is we are back on track, back on getting the backlog finished, and just in general high hoped and spirited. Mage is still here, Mage will always be here, and we will only get better and better. Thank you for being patient

I would also like to welcome our two new developers Alicia who is working on the client and Dread who is working on the server.

Keep up the support guys, we have a lot more to show and offer you in the coming months!


I AM proud to finally bring you, the PART ONE of the PVM REFRESH. LETS GO!!!



Three new Bosses are being added as a whole new end game challenge.

You will have to fight 3 new CHALLENGING bosses which are random each time upon entry.

This update brings 4 new weapons, 4 new boots, 4 new shields all with a super unique design.

With the cores serving as future content


Deoxys Melee,Range, and Magic Boots - Give 5% Damage to their respective style




Deoxys Melee,Range, and Magic Shields - Give 20% Damage to their respective style




Deoxys Melee,Range, and Magic Weapons - Give 5% Damage to their respective style - All One handed

Sword - 3 Line 1 Tick


Staff - 2 Line 1 Tick


Bow - 2 Line 1 Tick


Morphed Stuff

To make a morphed item you need to combine 3 deoxys pieces together such as all the weapons together. You may then operate it during a fight and change to any weapon you need or style. Making it the ultimate hybrid weapon. Or Shield OR BOOTS!

Weapon - 10% Damage for all styles - Special attack rises from 250% to 300%

Shield - 25% Damage bonus higher def bonus, prayer, and 500 stat boost

Boots - 10% Damage bonus + 10k stats for all styles + higher def and prayer bonus.

The Boss Fights

Whats not allowed
Absorbs will be wiped upon entry if drunk before hand and deleted from inventory
Opening Bank during boss not allowed
Donut if eaten will not work
Life pot, ichor pot, earths gift, mist potion all not allowed

Protection Prayers

Protection prayers during the boss means one of the attackers has to stop attacking, this changes every 18 seconds. If you hit the boss during this, it will heal him, so each team mate needs to stay vigilante

Attack Deoxys - Drops Weapons - 1 Billion HP - Hits most frequently and for high damage, but low defense

Formation for Attack Deoxys


Speed Deoxys - Drops Boots - 1.25 Billion HP - Hits the quickest for low damage, but inaccurate hits, and medium defense

Formation for Speed Deoxys - 2 Formations allowed and need rotations


Defense Deoxys - Drops Shields - 1.5 Billion Health - Highest defense High damage attacks, Slow and low accuracy

Formation for Defense Deoxys


Highscore system


Thor Battle Pass

A whole new battle pass you all been waiting for! A Range Based BP with one of your favorite characters which won our BP poll!

Thor set effect

Effects 2% chance of activating the special attack for any weapon

4% chance if your using thor Hammer

Thor pet Effect

10% Ranged damage and 1 NPC agro for any set

If wearing Thor set it makes Thor Weapon 50% Special

Thors Hammer - Weapon

2 Lines 1 Tick

Thors Hammer special attack

Does 4 lines of damage with an additional 1m damage from the lightning god himself!


New Teleport Book

Our new teleport book actually makes sense and helps you teleport to the places you need to, except raids


Broadcast System

A lot of people couldn't see the notifications in-game for the bosses, now we added a clear to see yellow text you won't miss!


Trusted Dicer Rank Additions/Fixes

For a $1500 Rank we had to make this perfect and we did. This rank is MORE AWESOME THEN EVER!

Defend the Home is Back!

This event was crashing the server, but we had to fix all the issues related to it to make sure it can be on the live game again

Updated ::gear guide

We removed a lot of redundant items and old items that are irrelevant to you for a new player, like an OLD BP, or old event item.

If you find more stuff to remove let us know!

Range Buffs/Nerfs

We added lots of Range stuff with a nerf in mind, but never added the nerf/buffs like we did for Mage. These nerfs/buffs will help make Range better for all to use 

Jiren was Nerfed to 7000 Range bonus

With more changes coming soon based on feedback from this nerf

Afking Changes

You will not be able to AFK at Hades, Evil, Good, and Satucre boss anymore unless you have agro on, which of course ends! This is related to auto retaliate only working with agro pet down

Damage Reduction Fixes

Damage reduction is now nerfed from all items giving 30-40% to 15-20%. This helps us create content with mechanics in mind, not easy mode or abusable mechanics 

Arrows Above Item drops

So new players know where their drops will be when they kill a global boss! 


New Donation Stuff

Of course lots of new donation stuff was added this update as we haven't had a store addition or refresh in AGES, but all the new stuff is related to stuff for the new update 

Interdimensional Keys

$20 for 10 Keys

$200 for 110 keys

We think this is a fair price due to 10 keys being almost 500-600t atm meaning 6q for a $20 dono + the deals you get. You will make money buying donos, so its better to claim them yourself and sell the keys

Raiding Packs

Contains 10 of every key - Ice, Blood, Fused, Interdimensional - $25

Contains 110 of every key - Ice, Blood, Fused, Interdimensional - $250

New Starter Packs

We have introduced a new Magic and Range starter pack to give more diversity to what play style people want to play, and making the starter packs have juicer rewards the higher the dono you go for!

Pathing Rework 

Pathing was completely reworked and it took a week to make it perfect, it will now be reflected in-game to show the quality Mage will be putting out soon. This is just a small taste of all the reworks coming soon.  

Bugs/Content Updates

  • Fixed all Zone % Damage
  • Fixed when you can or cant gamble, and its 1 hour after gogeta on sunday when you can
  • QoL for woodcutting that it can be cut from any side
  • Announcements for when someone hits a 135 skill
  • PoS now lists items from lowest to highest price
  • Dragonballs are now named properly without the #1-7 and just 1-7 and now searchable in PoS
  • Satucre Set and Axe Working properly 2 lines 1 tick and 2 AoE if full set with weapon
  • Prestiged combat skills now work properly with overloads and give the proper damage boosts
  • Combat skills now wont count for 135 Level completion for Achievements
  • Mini Gogeta now works as intended
  • Drops now last one minute
  • Frieza pet is now properly working
  • Lance achievement and starter can now be completed when you equip a light lance, you will still get a light lance 100% at 500 KC
  • We have added a ::chestg refill when you loot all the fragments using ::chestgrefill
  • Made Lets Max Fast Relic Work properly and the passive 5% skilling exp buff
  • Let me choose Relic has been fixed and works properly, it doesn't reset tasks now. The passive effect is working as well
  • Doubles tripes and etc has been removed from the Let me choose relic, so you get unique choices every time without duplicates
  • Mist potion has been reworked and works properly now without the diamond cape effecting it
  • Mini Pepe and Mini Gogeta drop their loots on the ground now
  • Fixed rewards related to Zone 30 and Zone 35 completion
  • Removed spam from when doing a Slayer task and it spams your chat box
  • Pet summoning and Pet Tab stuff was improved
  • Fixed Chest disappearing or de-spawning at Joe Exotic Raids
  • Have Fixed combat skills or any skills going past 500m and into negative. 500m is the cap now
  • Fixed a bug related to Logs/Fish disappearing if someone else is using the same fire
  • Added a new Donation Tier + Chest for Trusted Dicer rank
  • Donation Rank is now automatically updated upon given the rank/donating
  • Bonus EXP weekend now stacking with skill of the day is now working properly
  • Fixed Overload timer
  • Fixed Jungle Fire to only work in the ::jungle 
  • Outer Space Fire Buff fixes
  • Mist and Radioactive potions only work on the map your on and stop working when you teleport
  • Task scroll fixed regarding the burn x elder logs task
  • Fixed the last part of tutorial so no one gets stuck 
  • Tutorial was fully retested and any small bugs or issues fixed
  • Dragon rocks at tutorial were also fixed due to pathing
  • A ::wiki command has been added such as ::wiki guides 
  • More updates done to the collection log from PoS and has 0 issues with removing history 
  • Added more information regarding the Goku Black and Michael Myer pet 
  • Bounty scroll task Cerberus has re-appeared 
  • Sexy female set and staff cape now properly give the % damage boost for costume 
  • Fixed and added price reductions for sponsor to trusted rank for ::raids 
  • Elder Obsidian set effect is working properly now 
  • Dragonballs renamed from # to normally 1-7 
  • DBZ trophy is levelable now 
  • Use 1 prestige lamp bp task now works 
  • All bugs or issues due to account creation is now fixed and we won't lose players due to this now
  • A hide buff option was added in the settings tab
  • Interdimensional donut is now withdrawable out even with placeholders on
  • Donor points shop will now not allow you to buy if your inventory is full. Same for slayer master shop 
  • Reversed the cyber sub zero glove and boots recipe on ::upgrade
  • Elite damage boost now showing up for ::maxhitm 
  • Subzero cyber set is now properly made untradable 
  • Light lance task is now completed on equipping the lance for ::starter and achievements 
  • Grammar mistake on ::chestg was fixed 
  • Trusted Dicer rank has a drop rate now
  • All tabs in the bank now are searchable 
  • Fixed astral bugs related to PoS
  • Made the right drops for Superior evil boku black boss
  • Made the sub zero set simpler, has 2x quicker gain of chill instead of the small chance of the 3rd line which didn't work. The pet will also now work with the cyber sub zero set. 
  • Earths gift potion now doesn't stack with the diamond cape
  • Red hit points astral was fixed, was only giving 9 hp for a level 10 instead of 90 hp 
  • Fixed any issues with some bosses not spawning at ::power 
  • All spawning issues with mini bosses has been addressed and fixed at ;:gzone 
  • Kill count regarding Black Goku will now count and work again
  • The Casino rank won't clean the owners of the casino due to bad logic, it will now work like proper odds giving the casino owner higher chances of winning instead of giving up their house odds due to bad logic sadly. 
  • Ethereal zone now properly auto picks up loots and drops for being a noob! 
  • Sponsor Zone fountain was giving a double str pot effect that stacked with Gogeta set and was fixed 
  • Radioactive potion won't work with a diamond cape anymore 
  • Unlock Prayer Achievements has been fixed to count old prayers that have been unlocked before when we added this achievement. 
  • Every Gogeta Piece is now upgradable and doubles its stats 
  • Fixed the Easy Achievement related to the Upgrade your weapon to level 3, it wanted 3 weapons to be upgraded instead of 1. Was fixed for level 6 achievement too. 
  • HUGE bug related to Cell Boss and Dragonbone spirit shield has been addressed and fixed 
  • Nerfed Dragonbone and other shields from 30-40% Damage reduction to 15-20%, helps us balance damage more now. And an actual usable mechanic not an abusable one. 
  • Golden Black Dragon pet went from walking to flying like a normal dragon 
  • 2nd 3rd 4th and 6th tier Relic Passive Effects are now working properly 100%



Custom Items

Hisoka Set - Knucklez 

+7500 Range bonus per piece - Jiren Set effect - Tradable



IBC Bow -

+500 stats added from Final Sniper - Final Sniper effect/Spec - Tradable



Message me for Customs information! We usually always are ready to talk about making a dope custom that fits you. 


Thank you for waiting almost 3 months for this update to come out. We were all working extra hard to make sure this comes out. Especially after we had to find a new development team, but due to the amazing community support and donations it was easy to find replacements who loved Mage as much as I did, we are not just doing this for money, but for passion and making an awesome game!




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The long awaited Deoxys raids, LETS GET IT!

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Let the grind continue! 


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Guest Toby


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Guest Ralph


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Guest Micaela

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