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June Voter of the Month Event and May Rewards!

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Hey and welcome to this months VOTER OF THE MONTH


Congragulations to Slamed for being the #1 Voter of April! 

Your prize has a little extra juice on it due the BiS Weapon Costume slot you now have. 

Top Voters of The Month
1. Simpulsas 
2. Swift
3. Electr0
4. Mr Baiter
5. Ayatan
6. Mammoth
7. Kriim
8. k0wned

9. Oizyzz

10. 07knight* WAS DQED so no prize, was #1 but abused. 

The 1st Winner this month will receive their FRESH KICKS with 4% Damage costume slot boost

They will also receive a $100 Donation and 2 Pepe Spawns - Winner Simpulsas


2nd Place - Swift

Will Receive a $75 Donation and 2 Pepe spawns 

3rd Place will Receive a $50 Donation and 1 Pepe Spawn - Winner Electr0

4th-5th will get a $25 Donation - Winners Ayatan and Mammoth

6th-9th will get a $10 Donation - Winners Kriim, K0wned, Oizyzz


For the month of June you can get a custom item called Sunlight Defender for Shield Slot

Get a shiny new defender brighter then the sun itself, be a SUNLIGHT DEFENDER

BiS Costume slot item 4% Damage - NO ABUSING FOR #1 - We check all top 3 places

The 1st place winner will also get $100 Donation and 2 Pepe spawns Or Gogeta Spawns 

2nd Place - $75 Donation and 2 Pepe Spawns or 1 Gogeta Spawn 

3rd Place - $50 and 1 Pepe Spawn 

4th-5th Place will get a $25 Donation and 1 Pepe Spawn 

6th-8th will get a $10 donation

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