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How to get NPC Aggression (Aggro)

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In this guide will be explained how you get aggro (NPC aggression) in game.

There are three ways to obtain aggro:

1.       Aggro pets

2.       Alligator gar

3.       Defensive Stance (vote buff)

The three bulletpoints will be explained below.


1.       Aggro pets

In game there are several pets which makes aggro happen:

-          (Bloody) Freddy Cougar pet,

-          Gogeta pet,

-          Battle-Pass pets,

-          Shiny Gyrados pet


(Bloody) Freddy and Gogeta pet

(Bloody) Freddy Cougar and Gogeta pet aggro’s 3 NPC’s and are obtainable by buying it from player. Besides, buying them from players you can get them by donations. You have to buy a DBZ pet box or a Halloween pet box. For more information about that check the MagePS store.



Battle-Pass pet

Battle-Pass pets (the name already says it) aggro’s 1 npc and are obtainable by purchasing a battle-pass. You can purchase the battle-pass at the MagePS store. Each season there will be a new gear set and a pet which belongs to the set.

Note: The gear set and pet are untradable.



Shiny Gyrados

Shiny-Gyrados is a pet which is used for underwater zones (::uzones). After completing the 4 zones from ::uzones the pet allows you to have 1 npc aggro at all zones (no matter if it is a normal zone). You can obtain the Shiny Gyrados pet by buying it from players, donating or from ::chestg (personal chest).



2.       Alligator gar


Alligator gar is food which gives you an aggro buff for 5 to 10 minutes. It is important to know that alligator gat is not-stackable. This means that you can eat 1 alligator gar and when the buff-time is over you can eat another one.

There are several ways to get alligator gar, which will be explained below.

-          Level 127 Cooking & Fishing: more information how to level these skills, click on the following links.

Fishing guide

Cooking guide

-          Vote store: The vote vote store is located at home and you can buy alligator gar for 4 vote points each.


-          Buying them from players


3.       Defensive Stance

Defensive stance is a vote buff. A vote buff appears when people claimed their vote. The votes are random so it’s not 100% sure that you will get Defensive Stance as vote buff.

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