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Best Rewards - Voter of the Month May + April Winners

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Hey and welcome to this months VOTER OF THE MONTH


Congragulations to Slamed for being the #1 Voter of April!

Your prize has a little extra juice on it due the BiS Weapon Costume slot you now have.

Top Voters of The Month
1: slamed - 295
2: bushwack - 284
3: Fruitslasher - 258
4: Log Out - 255
5: krys - 219
6: Ayatan - 214
7: Mammoth - 213
8: k0wned - 202
9: Kriim - 200
10: l3g1t - 199

These are the other voters of the month!

1st this month will receive a Costume Weapon slot weapon with 3% damage.

They will also receive a $100 Donation and 2 Pepe Spawns - Winner Slamed


2nd Place - Winner Bushwack

Will Receive a $75 Donation and 2 Pepe spawns

3rd Place will Receive a $50 Donation and 1 Pepe Spawn - Winner Fruitslasher

4th-5th will get a $25 Donation - Winners Log out and Krvs

6th-10th will get a $10 Donation - Winners Ayatan, Mammoth, k0wned, Kriim, l3g1t


For the month of May you can get a custom item called Sunlight Kicks

Be the freshest on mage with the freshest shoes.

No one will say what are those anymore.

BiS Costume slot item 4% Damage


The 1st place winner will also get $100 Donation and 2 Pepe spawns Or Gogeta Spawns

2nd Place - $75 Donation and 2 Pepe Spawns or 1 Gogeta Spawn

3rd Place - $50 and 1 Pepe Spawn

4th-5th Place will get a $25 Donation and 1 Pepe Spawn

6th-10th will get a $10 donation




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