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21/04/21 - Mage Refresh - Part 2 - Even Bigger then before!

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Welcome to the 2nd part of the Mage Refresh. This is another revolutionary update for the Custom RSPS server scene.

The innovation Mage is pushing is something you won't find anywhere else.

Thank you for everyone in the last two months who helped make this update possible.

Big thanks to Leviticus, Salad, our Staff team and admin team, and all the donators who have been supporting us the last two months which helped us GROW a ton!


This update is for the players and made with passion and love <3


Gear Interface - ::gear

This should help new players and basically ALL players find the next gear they need to progress. Also it will gear you up in the current BiS

Finding the Gear you need by selecting the options


Seeing the BiS gear you should aim for


Hard and Elite Achievements

The thing most of you were waiting for! Hard and Elite Achievements are here. This took a MASSIVE amount of time to make! So we hope you enjoy <3

Hard Achievements


Elite Achievements


New Upgrade Interface - ::upgrade

We wanted to expand on Upgrading a lot in the future, but for that to happen we need a great interface! This is the start of something new and amazing on Mage. We hope you guys enjoy this amazing new interface.

We have added two new things to it which was a Gem Katana and Omega Katana

Upgrade interface


New Tutorial - ::tut

Our old tutorial was confusing, but it is the most important thing to a Custom server! You must learn how to play before you tackle the world of Mage? We made this tutorial interactive, fun and easy. This will give people the taste they need before they decide to continue on Mage or not. We hope this helps us by keeping more players and lessens the questions!

New Tutorial with 3 Islands of content to experience and learn about Mage!

Island 1 - Learn about Smithing, Mining, Smelting, Woodcutting, Fletching, Crafting and Tools


Island 2 - Learn about Thieving, Hunter, more Crafting

Island 3 - Learn about Fishing, Cooking, Firemaking, How to equip stuff, and Kill NPC's

Automated Gambling

Gambling is a big thing on servers, we were always scared of Rigged Gambling hence why we did not automate it, but we came up with a great system now. Also the new system has caps to people gambling where a Normal Player can gamble 3 times and a Diamond 7 times a day. With Casino Rank being unlimited times.

All rules are explained on the interface so if you are new to gambling its easy to know who won and lost

Enjoy the new awesome Gambling system! Here is the interface for it below


New Prestige System

Prestige on Mage wasn't really a thing or important. It was confusing and did not fit with the play style Mage has. The new and ever expanding Prestige system we created is more rewarding and logical. You shouldn't be resetting your stats, but progressing and keep moving forward

100/100 Points will give a Perm 5% Damage buff

You may also buy upgrade scrolls now with prestige points. One prestige point = 1 Upgrade scroll in Strength, Attack, Def, Magic, Range and HP. Adding +10 Skill max bringing total to 135. Works with overload too.


New Personal Chest Ticket - ::chestg

A brand new Donation store item, a first in a long long time! With the PvM Refresh bringing a brand new Donator Zone for Casino Rank, we wanted to start selling these awesome tickets. You may clean your own chest as everyones chest is different. This is a cheap and cost effective and FUN way to get Casino Rank. We know not everyone can drop $1500 at once, so with these tickets you can go with as much as you can and cross your fingers!

Greatest Ticket we ever offered - Called Dealers Chip


Defend the Home event

With this brand new event we wanted to introduce a great way to obtain Skilling Resources! You have to knock out or kill the Skillers trying to steal the chest in the middle of home! You better hurry up and save the home or the chest will have no loot to be looted when the event ends!

The event takes place at home because you need to defend it! Shown below.


New ::starter system

This brand new system gets unlocked right after ::tut and people are told to do ::tut before able to open it up. Allowing people to learn the game in a unique way and in the way they want. This will be the quickest way to gain a $10 Donation rank outside of doing 5 Zones! So this goes with our efforts to staying even more F2P and getting people with the Donation rank ASAP.

Look at the new ::starter system below


Automated Drop Party System

Every Donation on Mage will now make you a super star! Each time you donate you help the players by adding stuff to the Drop Party, which you can participate in yourself! This is a great way to become popular on Mage, and also shows the impact your donation makes.

Every $10-49 Donation will add a unstacked 5T Cash to the drop party chest, and a Lesser Magical Box

Every $50-99 Donation will add a Unstacked 10T Cash, and a Magical Box

Every $100-149 Donation will add a unstacked 15T Cash and a Cash Box, Magical Box

Every $150-249 Donation will add a Unstacked 20T Cash and a Cash Box, Magical Box, Star Wars Box

Every $250-399 Donation Will add a Unstacked 25T Cash and a 2x Cash Box, 2x Magical Box, Starwars Box, Pet Box

$400-599 Donation will add 3x Unstacked 15T Cash and 2x Cash Box, 2x Magical Box, 2x Starwars Box, 2x Pet Box

$600+ Donation will add 5x 15T Cash and 3x Cash Box, 3x Magical Box, 1x Raid Box, 2x Starwars Box, 3x Pet Box

Spell book has been remade

Since you don't actually use a spell book to cast spells on Mage. We removed it and replaced it with only teleports. Now you can use the spell book for its new sole purpose. Teleporting!


Client Icons have been remade

We wanted a fresh new and easy look to be remembered at Mage. This is for new players to remember then the usual boring icons, this is the server for them to always back to and call their home!


Price Guide Updates

We decided to update the prices on 20-30+ items with more price updates coming in PvM Refresh

Items like Crab Eye, Satucre Greataxe and etc now has an amazing juicy price!

Slayer Damage Cap Increase

We Easy Tasks give 1 Damage cap per NPC killed on task

Medium Tasks give 3 Damage cap per NPC killed on task

Hard tasks give 5 Damage cap per NPC killed on task

Elite tasks give 12 Damage cap per NPC killed on task

Slayer Task Blocking

We added something very important for some! Task Blocking in Slayer. Great addition <3

You may only block one task per master

Easy Slayer tasks will be 250 Points to block

Medium will be 500 Points to block

Hard will be 1250 points to block

Elite will be 2500 points to block


Auto looting in Starter Zones

All new starter zones up to like zone 10 will have auto looting without a drop catcher telling you to get a drop catcher every time you enter! This is so people know what picks up drops automatically and its a thing in Mage, we educating and motivating.


New Starter Zone Maps + Expansion for support of 30+ NPC's

With all these new maps to the starter areas, we will soon be adding sounds to maps, new NPC's with dialogues and mini quests/tasks to give life to each zone. We hope you enjoy these maps





Red Eye Crawler


White Tiger


Spirited away - No Face


Master Chief


Transformed Horses




Rainbow Unicorn


New Auto Afk System

After 5-30 Minutes your AFK is automatically picked up. So people wouldn't be able to AFK all day or overnight. Hopefully this picks up activity and keeps people talking to each other more. Now since its automated we can all be friends and not accuse anyone of anything!

Starter Pack + Donation store price cuts and additions

Prices for over 5+ items have been cut, and new uses to items have been added.

Sexy Female is still $150, but now Head 2.5% Body 3% Legs 3% Boots 2.5% gloves 2.5% Damage boost

Trophy Box $40 price cut to $30 - Adding more BiS trophies into it

Starwars Requirements Box $70 to $40 - Allows to skip all the Requirements for star war raids

Pink Bikini Set $200 price cut to $125 - QBD Stats and effect

Goku Set $300 Price cut to $200 - Tier 2 BiS melee armor

Tyrant armor set $100 Price cut to $50 - Great armor set for starting out, especially for only $50

Hades Scythe $250 Price cut to $150 - Untradable, but great starter Melee AoE weapon and can be upgraded to blood scythe

New Items

Custom Armor Set(No Deals) $600 - Obtain a custom armor made of your dreams, either a recolor or true custom
Custom Armor set With BiS(No Deals) $1600 - Get a Custom armor with the BiS stats you want in Range Mage or Melee
D - Custom Weapon(No Deals) $300 - Get a Custom weapon you want of yours dreams, either a cool recolor or a true custom
D - Custom Weapon with BiS(No Deals) $900 - Get a Custom Weapon with the BiS stats in the stlye you want Range Mage or Melee

Pet Boxes x10 - $60

Cash boxes x10 - $25

Magical Boxes x10 - $35

Starwar boxes x10 - $60

Diamond Chest Ticket x5 - $450

Chest ticket x10 - $350

New Starter Pack - $25
Opens Randomly giving you
either a Gem/Omega Katana weapon
either a Lucky Comp set/Rage set/Vegeta armor set
Free Drop Catcher
2 Dragon Pickaxes, 2 Dragon Axes, 10 Crystal Seeds, 5 Glow Seeds
5 Double Str Potions, 1 Easy Slayer bone, 1 Easy Slayer Key

Highscore's Reworked

Highscores is now reworked and tells the proper people who are

Can be found here https://mageps.com/highscores/

Reworked Vote Shop

Its 2021 and we had to make our Vote Shop fit the 2021 era not 2018! We have reworked it and made it MUCH better.


Character Tab Redone

New Character tab allows for up to 3 Astral support now, and we might do something with arrow slot in the future.


Ein the Guide

This cute little dog is from Cowboy Bebop, hes Ein the Guide now! The cutest Corgi in the world will help you now on Mage


Skilling Rings reworked

The skilling rings were so confusing being 2-4x EXP and only able to be used up to 99, made no sense and with the removal of the old prestige system they had no use. So to make them have a purpose and continue with the logic.

2x EXP Ring = 1% EXP Ring

3x EXP Ring = 2% EXP Ring

4x EXP Ring = 3% EXP Ring

Huge Performance Overhaul

Things on Mage should be much smoother, we have improved the engine, the packet processing and any issues that would stall/crash the server. You should notice smoother game play server sided, with more client sided additions coming in the future to wrap things up and make Mage smooth for everyone! This includes smoother Gogeta kill's and overall game enjoyment.

Content Additions

  • Added a new count above Tiger King Raids, and made it 20 seconds before a raid starts from 10 seconds
  • A Thieving Toggle for spam has been added to the player tab
  • No one can add to the drop party chest except Staff now
  • Slayer Cave Navigator has changed from 20 Achievements needed to 15, and Easy requires no requirements now
  • A DBZ Gear Box has been added to ::welcomeback now. You need 1000 NPC kills to open it.
  • New Home Map
  • Ethereal staff was nerfed to 1 Line for being too strong for being such an easy item to get
  • Task Scrolls are now Untradable
  • Slayer Zone Requirements have been updated and so has tri and anything else missing
  • Added animation to Smithing
  • Any Achievement rewards you claim if the inventory is full will go to the bank
  • Added a confirmation to listing in the PoS so people don't list things wrong
  • Added a automated buy out process in the PoS if people list things too low, helps prevent people transferring stuff that shouldn't be transferred
  • You get a Light Lance 100% at 500 Training Knight Kills. Should get a full set/Lance with 500 kills now making it a quick zone to progress from.
  • Christmas crackers will not spam chat from ::upgrade anymore
  • When people make the account it will inform them they claimed their Referral automatically from the Character creation interface
  • Changed the message Donation boxes give when opening. People thought it would give Donation rank/Total donated. The text is now worded better and tell you your current total of donation points.
  • Updated the Message on the Donation store since it hasn't been updated or touched since 2018, should be less confusing for players now on how to obtain and spend Donation points
  • Smelting at furnace will now only show Dragon and Space Bars
  • Updated the name of Strong Ranged Potion to Double Ranged Potion
  • Right click open all has been added to Opened hell chests and will bank all the loot, same with Mystery boxes
  • When people try to train Prayer past 99 with old bones such as big bones, horror bones, and Celestial bones it will tell players how to properly train prayer using ::slayer bones
  • Added more features to looting the Chest at the end of Tiger King Raids
  • Voting buff max has been updated to 24 hours since we don't want any buffs stacking past 24 hours.
  • The second line of yells has been updated to be the same color as the first line instead of black
  • Replaced the old Medium Achievement of plant 50 flowers with the new do Easy Tiger Raids!

Bug Fixes

  • Relics are needed to be done in order, cant skip Tier 2 and go straight to tier 3 if you didn't do all easy Achievements
  • Link Pet Agro has been fixed, its 1 Agro now
  • Skill of the day Skills and bonus's have been fixed
  • People closing Game creation interface has been fixed now
  • Goku Black and Jiren dropping their heads now
  • Fixed the HP of Superior NPC's in all Slayer Zones
  • Fixed older items listing as new items in the PoS to not confuse people
  • Made Tiger King Bow proper Tick speed without set
  • Master Chief gun is now proper speed without set
  • Removed Slayer points from Mystery boxes and claiming of Slayer point tickets
  • We Fixed the Glove and Boot models for 5 NPC's. Gogeta, Jiren, Blue Bikini, Elderbone, and one more thing. This will make the Crystal scythe and Final Sniper sit normally on your hands now.
  • Vegeta buff doesn't stake with the 10% Damage under 50k NPC kills
  • Fixed any issues with Pepe boxes disappearing
  • Undead Trophy Creation now works
  • Fixed the wrong naming for the Let me choose and Lets find Treasure relics, needed to switch the names around
  • Link is now untradable and will make sure all future BP's are UNTRADABLE
  • Removed the level 1 from Satucres greataxe(any other items with a weird level on them which shouldn't have it let us know)
  • Yellow Experience Astral has been changed to the correct 400 Magic Points price from 4k
  • Space pots have been patched and not allowed to use for Herblore again!
  • Crystal scythe has Check upgrade now!!!
  • Potion stacking bypasses have been fixed. There should be almost no way to stack potions now for a long period of time
  • Fixed an issue with people activating multiple prayers via a interface stall
  • Reforged Hellslayer sword is the same tick speed now as Hellslayer sword
  • Drop Message Toggle now works to stop spam
  • Totodile Requirement has been fixed
  • Magical fishing rod now works without issues
  • Zone Skip scrolls 100% fixed to do 3/3. Zone Scrolls fully tested for all the Zones!


Let us know what you think of this update!

Make sure to tell all your friends to come play Mage!


We are all waiting for you to join the Mage family.


Thank you and now go login!!!





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Excited to see in game!

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Love this update, new starter system and defend the home is dope :P

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This is dope man, cant wait for more updates! :D

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