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Battle Pass Set suggestion

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Just a suggestion because i'd love to see it and i feel like we are in need of a new Mage BP set, the first one was Harry Potter and we have had loads of players come in the game now so no one really uses it! Would love to see like "light Yagami" from Death Note! and it be a mage set, like death note he has being the weapon or shield. Or maybe both weapon and shield can be the book. The books stats should be like a blood staff but could use a crystal staff on it for better stats maybe :)  i'd have the stats of the armour be a little worse than the blood set but the same effect and like the harry potter set, you can use the blood set pieces to make it better. If this does happen the pet should be "Ryuk" his death note demon thing lol. Pet effects include 1 NPC agro and 10% damage, and maybe instead of the set having the blood effect maybe the pet could.  Let me know if this idea is cool or stupid ;) 

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