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Best Rewards - Voter of the Month April

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Hey guys before I begin..... THANKS FOR VOTING!!!!!!!! IT HELPS MAGE A TON

We have the most voter participation Mage ever had.


So to address a few issues to rank for the top. You can Vote on Top100Arena every 24 hours on their end. On our end its 12 hours! So if you connect to phone wifi or something of that sort you may bypass the 24 hour requirement and make it 12 hours.

Also Runelocus gives the MOST vote points at a 4x the normal. Runelocus is one of the easiest and necessary sites to vote on.


Now that is out of the way. The voter of the month for March was a VERY CLOSE end

Top Voters of The Month
1: r3name - 281
2: simpulsas - 263
3: Daviddd - 263
4: Mammoth - 235
5: slamed - 216
6: egx - 215
7: Eliteoslo - 213
8: fat american - 199
9: L3g1t - 196
10: Tonza - 196


With so many Ties I will give #2 and #3 the #2 VOTE REWARDS! Prize is $75 Donation + 2 Pepe spawns = Simpulsas and Daviddd

#1 is r3name Thanks for supporting mage for a whole month of voting! Prize is $100 Donation + 3 Pepe spawns = R3name

and I didn't state, but we will also reward #4 with the #3 reward and reward #5 and 6 as a little pepe spawn and 2,000 donor point box. Mammoth = $50 Donation and 1 Pepe Spawn

Slamed and Egx = Pepe spawn and 2,000 donation Box

Everyone who came #7-10 will be allowed to claim a Vote Box(r). Eliteoslo, Fat american, l3g1t, and Tonza will be able to claim their Vote Box(r)

Thank you so much!

Message any Admins for your reward.


Rewards for April!

1st this month will receive a Costume Weapon slot weapon with 3% damage.

They will also receive a $100 Donation and 2 Pepe Spawns


2nd Place

Will Receive a $75 Donation and 2 Pepe spawns

3rd Place will Receive a $50 Donation and 1 Pepe Spawn

4th-5th will get a $25 Donation

6th-10th will get a $10 Donation


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NIce :) just, its for march not april :)

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