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12/03/2021 - Developer Blog #2 - Mage Refresh Part 2

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So with this update we learned a lot. We learned how to make a banging slayer system. We learned how people can skill and enjoy it. We learned a lot about the Mage Players and what they want and love!


So lets address the final flaws of Mage and how the Part 2 of the Refresh will fix it.

1. New players

We are almost done addressing issues on helping new players, almost all the interfaces, guides and everything is done in that aspect. A new player should be able to enjoy and feel a sense of discovery after the tutorial is revamped and starter tasks are released. I am still working on those Video guides once the early game is polished without making people watching videos/read guides.

2. Improvements to Slayer

We need to add a proper interface for Slayer, add Task blocking and make the leveling actually unlock cooler stuff. We do not know when this will be addressed, but we will be looking out for player feedback on how to keep improving slayer. Yes its good right now, great for Early-End gamers, but everything can be made better. We want to make it better not worse.

3. More PvM Content and Raids

We needed to release our tiger king raids to figure out what people liked in a raid. We feel like we need to make the raid apart of the Zones system to make it more rewarding for players to do and accomplish something. So with the current Tiger King raids we might rework it to make easier, more time to get into the raid. And with the future raids we will release we will try to balance and scale it based on the difficulty. We made star war raids and those worked out perfectly fine somehow. With this in mind we will try to make our Raids more like ::iced and Goku Black/Jiren is. We feel this is what players like more and our goal will be to rework a lot more PvM content after the Refresh with our PvM Spice up coming after this Part 2 Refresh.

4. QoL

We wanted to really excel in QoL. Quality of Life is really important for a game like Mage, I am online all day and I see what gets asked repeatedly. I want to address it to be less questions and more answers in the game itself. I want to address things new players and end game people always talk about. For us in the refresh QoL is key.

5. OpenGL = GPU Rendering + Anti aliasing

I don't think people know how important this is, but we will be the first RSPS with this released. Its a lot of work being put into making this happen. OpenGL will be the biggest advance Custom servers will have. Most Custom Servers out there are leaked and using the same source. Mage is the only one different and we are investing a TON into making our client as efficient and amazing as possible for our players. We hope by the Summer our client has everything you would ever want from a Client in a game to have. With OpenGL coming in the Mage Refresh.

6. Donation Stuff

We will finally add more donation stuff to the store. More information on this will be posted soon, but we are finally revamping the Caisno rank, and making a Zone for it. More glorious and better then the Diamond zone. The true Final donation zone. We hope all people who reach this rank are greatly rewarded for helping Mage. We are also making it easier to obtain with ::chestc a casino chest ticket which will be worth $150, but not be related to the server, but your own character. This will be a new concept we will try. It will have 3 chests split in #1-3 which when combined make a Casino Rank Chest.

7. Hard/Elite Achievements

We are adding in the final segment to the saga of the Achievements. We hope everyone loves this, and we can't wait to release this.

8. Events

We are coming up with much more events for Mage to have. We can't wait to release them all. Hopefully the first event will be coming in the Refresh. Other then that we are working on an Amazing Minigame which will unlock end game prayer double down, a new cannon pet companion(not a pet), and lots of other cool stuff.


We really have a lot in store for the future of Mage. Mage is going to be the most amazing game you ever played. We are not in it for the money, but for the goal of creating an amazing game. We hope you enjoy the Future of Mage!


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Cant wait!

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