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Voter of the Month - February + January Winners

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Welcome to this Months VOTER OF THE MONTH! 

We have been running voter of the month each month, just not making threads about it! You can see the Top voters of each month everyday you vote. Help make the Mage Refresh awesome by voting!

The Winners 

1. Simpulsas 217

2. Daviddd 210

3. RNG Based 174

Thanks everyone for playing and supporting Mage. The rewards were as following SO PM ME TO CLAIM 


Will win 3 Pepe Spawns and $100 Dono 


Will win 2 Pepe Spawns and $75 Dono 


Will win 1 Pepe spawn and $50 Dono 


These rewards will be the same next month as well. So please support Mage by doing a simple vote! 

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Congratulations guys! GL next time everyone else :)

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