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Donator Zones

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Donator Zones

You need atleast Donator rank (10$) to enter this zone, using ::dzone or by clicking these..


There are 3 rooms at the moment, Buff Room with fountains, Treasure Room with chests and Portal Room with 3 portals.


Buff Room

Donator (10$) Fountain -  Gives 2 random buffs for a small amount of time, stacks with vote buffs, gives 10 minutes of Double Str, Double Range and Double Mage Cooldown 1 hour.

Legendary (125$) Fountain - Gives 3 random buffs for small amount of time, stacks with vote buffs, gives 15 minutes of Double Str, Double Range, and Double Mage.

VIP (500$) Fountain - Gives 5 random buffs for a small amount of time, stacks with vote buffs, gives 20 minutes of Double Str Double Range and Mage.


Treasure Room

You can open all chests up to your Donator rank!

Donator (10$) Chest  - 1 Christmas Cracker.

Super (25$) Chest  - 1 Lesser Magic Box.

Extreme (50$) Chest  -  5T in Cash.

 Legendary (125$) Chest  -  1 Ice Key + One Cracker.

Divine (250$) Chest  -  1 Blood Key + Lesser Magical Box.

VIP (500$) Chest  -  1 Double Str 1 Double Magic 1 Double Range + 5t.

Sponsor Chest  -  2 Ice Keys + Lesser Magical Box + One Cracker.

Diamond Chest  -  2 Blood Keys + a Dragonball depending on the day, there is 7, if ts a Monday give #1 If its a Tuesday give #2 and etc.


Portal Room

There is 3 portals and each one leads to a unique zone with the following npc's. 

Donator (10$) Zone (Super Portal) -  NPCS 2 Turtles 2 White Walkers.

Legendary (125$) Zone  -  NPCs 3 White Walkers 4 Turtles.

VIP (500$) Zone  -  NPCs 4 White Walkers 2 Rage Vorago next to each other.


Sponsor Zone

::szone or ::szone2 to tele, need Sponor rank ofc.

Theres 4 rooms with different NPCs.

Theres also Fountain for Buffs:

Sponsor Fountain  -  Gives 7 random buffs and stacks with vote buffs, gives 30 minutes of double str range and mage.


NPC Rooms


Diamond Zone

::odzone or ::odzone to tele, need Diamond rank..

Theres also 4 rooms with NPCs.

Also a Fountain for Diamonds.

Diamond Fountain  -  Gives 10 random buffs and stacks with vote buffs, gives 45 minutes of Double str, range and mage.


NPC Rooms




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