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08/01/2021 - Developer Blog #1 - Mage Refresh

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A lot is changing during the Mage Refresh. Seasons are kind of done, the BP will still continue, but the point of seasons was to innovate more then the last.

This is the great refresh for Mage, lots of stuff you knew will be changed and made for the better.


The point of the Refresh is to fix major points in Mage

1. Its too complicated, where do i start

2. Skilling isn't worth the time, what benefits do i get from it

3. PvM needs more content and gear needs more rework

4. Animations on NPC's and fighting lifeless NPC's

5. More focus on grinding then AFKing, we want this to be an interactive server you can play with friends and always have someone to talk to.

6. A better client

7. Better Game modes


How do we fix #1

I will be making a video series on Mage starting from scratch! When this update is live ill figure out all the things which are complicated for new players and fix it for them. Anything I won't enjoy in early game of Mage I will fix and make better.

How do we fix #2

We are introducing a new Achievement system, A new Relic System, and we already have Task Scrolls. We will also be introducing Skill of the day and possibly other interactive daily events which will go into our event area which is coming after this update.

How do we fix #3

We are introducing lots of new superior slayer monsters which contain amazing new early-end game drops. We are also introducing a new upgrade system. And when i play mage from the start again, I will be buffing gear as I go.

How do we fix #4

Animations were fixed on stream with lotsssss of time invested into it. I think a total of 100 hours has been put into fixing animations between the people who helped and the livestreams. We will also ensure all our future NPC's, our new weapons and etc all have amazing animations.

How do we fix #5

Since all of these changes are being brought into Mage, such as the new slayer system, new prayer system, and achievements. It all incentivizes people to grind and explore new things. The less complex Mage gets, the more indepth the content can be. I hope with 2021 I can make a guide on everything there is in Mage on my youtube channel RSPS Life, so people can find all their answers quickly not just through our staff or forums, but through youtube as well.

How do we fix #6

We have a dedicated client developer focused on making the Mage client better every single day

How do we fix #7

I have to get the feedback from the community and make each game mode unique in a sense and enjoyable to play. Maybe better experience rates, or more benefits/rewards like a Ironman group boss and etc


Pictures of stuff coming soon and so much more. This is a small % of stuff coming to Mage Refresh.








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