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29/12/20 - Happy Holidays from Mage - Winter Event + More

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Have a MERRY Christmas and a Happy New Year from the Mage Family!

We have had a crazy year in 2020, and this being our final update for the 2020 year we wanted to keep it special and memorable

Our First update of 2021 should be even better and be a great start to the new year. Give us a good 1 month for us to make it though, and perfect it. It will be very special.

Winter Event!

This Winter Event is awesome!

Every 25 Digs you may have a 50% chance to uncover a Snowman or get an ornament just like that. 

The cool part is the Snowmen are really easy to kill with only 100k HP, and they drop Christmas crackers and ornaments making them really fun to kill. Get here with ::winter


The Shop - This is where you spend the Ornaments 

You must choose a Naughty or Nice Side and that's the shop you will get



Also the Big new Winter boss is here, Frosty the Snowman 



The QoL we added is really cool

  • James bond has been nerfed to 25% chance to do 3 lines of damage from constant 3 lines. The 25% is for a full set effect.
  • Only Tiger Fury Bow has been buffed to 3 lines 2 ticks. From 2 Lines 2 ticks
  • Tiger Fury(Tiger Raids set un-upgraded) lets you do 2 lines of damage 1 Tick. Buff from 3 lines 2 ticks.
  • Upgraded Tiger Rage set(Tiger Raids upgraded) Lets you do 2 lines of damage 1 tick, but 50% chance to make it 3 lines. Plus the 2 NPC AoE Effect. Buff from only 2 lines 1 tick. Don't forget the extra damage % boost you get for wearing raid armor and doing raids, extra 15% damage!
  • More Faster Spawns for Hunter NPC's since we buffed hunting!
  • It will show up to 3 Ranks in the clan chat now
  • Gogeta now spawns up to 3 times in 3 AMAZING TIME ZONES every single day from 2, in bad time zones. 11 AM EST, 7 PM EST, and 3 AM EST

Content and Bug Fixes

  • NPC Kills Fix is now working properly as intended, it was just halving the NPC kills one time, it should be a proper nerf the higher you go now. Making the early game kills effective, and end game less and less impactful and more focused on exploring/doing content.
  • Fixed Crab Eye and Satucre Greataxe from being on older content and in some peoples banks, it should only be obtained via the new item ID we made for it, which we forgot to do last time.
  • The new skilling stuff from skilling task scrolls is now the proper purple color
  • Fixed name for Extremely Flaming Katana as it was spelt wrong
  • Fixed the animations for Satucre Boss, looks dope now!
  • Highlighting on the Raids Box when you win a prize looks better now

We are now preparing for our huge update which should take over a month. We hope you enjoy this Winter event. We may have one small update before we reach the huge update so stay tuned for that. In general thanks for playing and enjoying Mage. Happy Holidays everyone and we hope you really are liking Mage currently!



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