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18/12/20 -2nd Anniversary, Task Scrolls, Bug Fixes, and much more!

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Welcome to another amazing Mage Update! I can't believe how much work we put into this to make it happen. The great part is if you were watching the live streams you will know what is coming in the future and you will know how big it is and how much effort we put into it!

Mage loves and cares about all its players. It is why we been up for over 2 years!

2nd Anniversary


Its time for the 2nd Anniversary of Mage! We have made some exclusive 2nd Anniversary boxes, and made some amazing deals which will mix in with the Winter deals. We hope you enjoy the rewards and get these amazing boxes before they are gone

Price - $50

Reward 100t-1q 100% +

One item from below

Ultra rare
Gogeta Pieces, Crystal Scythe, Crystal Staff, Gogeta Pet,Bond Pieces and Gun, Diamond Upgrade Chest, Sponsor Chest, Evil Black Goku Staff
Tiger upgraded Gear, Tiger Bow, Tiger Upgrade Scroll, Diamond Chest Ticket, Blood Staff, Blood Scythe, Goku Black Staff, Jiren Final Sniper, Cthulhu  Ring, Cthulhu Amulet
Tiger gear Hades Scythe, Blood Boots, Blood Gloves, Goku Black Pieces, Cthulhu Wings, Pink bikini Pieces
Hellslayer Sword, Bone Whip, Sexy School Girl outfit pieces, Soul Amulet, Soul neck, Frieza pieces, Goku Pieces, QBD wings

Winter Event

Coming next update

Task Scrolls


Rewards - Common - Randomly Get one of this
Easy is a 100% Chance at 1 Loot
Medium is a 90% Chance at 1 Loot 10% chance at 2
Hard is a 70% Chance at 1 Loot 25% Chance at 2 5% chance at 3
Elite is 60% Chance at 1 Loot 30% Chance at 2 10% chance 3
1-10 blood feathers
1-10 elder logs
1-10 dragon ore
Dragon pickaxe
Dragon hatchet
1-20 glacial essence
1-10t cash
1-10 raw octopus
1-5 crystal seeds

1-15 raw piranha
1-15 raw murder fish
1-25 blood feathers
1-15 elder logs
1-10 metal logs
Dragon pickaxe
Dragon axe
1-25 dragon ore
1-25t cash
1-20 blood essence
1-7 glow seeds
1-7 blood seeds

1-25 raw robot tuna
1-50 blood feathers
1-50 space feathers
1-25 dragon ore
1-25 space ore
1-50 space essence
Space pickaxe
Space axe
1-25 space logs
1-5 meteor seeds
1-10 purple mist seeds
1-50t cash

1-50 raw robot tuna
1-25 raw alligator gar
1-100 blood feathers
1-100 space feathers
1-50 dragon ore
1-50 space ore
1-100 space essence
Space pickaxe
Space axe
1-50 space logs
1-10 meteor seeds
1-10 radioactive seeds
1-10 ice seeds
1-100t cash

These will be dropped in Easy-Elite tiers from monsters in-game

Cave horror
Transformed horse
Ethereal mage
Evil turnip
Mystery box
Ganodermic beast

Tormented demon
Lucky Knight
Rage vorago
Corporeal beast
White walker
Good ranger
Evil mage

Stormtrooper leader
Crab Leader boss
Darth vader
K'ril tsutsaroth
Blood Cerberus
Boney beast

James bond
Ice dragon
Blood queen
Goku Black

Rare Rewards

Rare Rewards are untradable - Easy has a 1/2000 chance of getting a rare
Medium is 1/1500 Hard is 1/1000 and Elite is 1/500. This is a Separate roll/drop table

Mage Pickaxe - It will act as a Space Pickaxe, but not degradable

Mage Axe - It will act as Space axe, but not degradable

  • Mage Fishing Rod will be not degradable, and be an all in one fishing rod to catch any fish. You will still new bait/feathers

  • Lumberjack outfit - Gives Woodcutting a 10% EXP Boost or 2% Exp per piece (5 pieces). Also can randomly at a 5% chance get a double log. Get 1 Piece randomly

  • Angler outfit - Fishing +2.5% xp gain per piece worn (4 piece a set) for a 10% exp boost total. Also randomly can give a 5% chance at double fish. Get 1 Piece randomly

New Trophies


Underwater Trophy - Diver Head + Crab Head + Crab Head

Would give +3000 in all stats and a 10% Damage boost Underwater vs all underwater NPC's


Underwater King Trophy - Poseidon + Chtulhu + Chtulhu

Gives 4500 Stat Boost and 15% Damage for all underwater NPC's


Undead Trophy - Boney + Hades + Cerberus

Benefits would be +4000 in all stats and gives 10% Damage for Boney, Hades, and Cerberus, but also gives 10% damage towards all undead like White Walkers, Boney, Hades. If we are missing any Undead NPC's let us know?


DBZ Trophy - Vegeta + Cell + Frieza Head

Would be 4250 in all stats and give 10% Damage vs all DBZ bosses. It would collect KI in the sense of like do 100 attacks in a row, and it does a super attack like x3-5 your damage. But would need an aura or something to keep track of it. Could make the trophy without just need to ask staff team for more information


 Super Saiyan Trophy - Goku Black + Jiren + Jiren

5000 bonuses, gives 15% Damage Towards all DBZ bosses


New Mid Tier Weapons

New Weapon Crab Eye

How to make it - Use Crab hook on 500 Crab Hard Shells

New Crab Set Effect - 50% Chance to add a 3rd line of damage to Crab Eye

2 Handed Slower Weapon - No AoE


New Weapon Satucre's Great axe

How to Obtain - Satucre Boss

If wearing Full Satucre will add a 2 NPC AoE

It is a 2 handed Fast Weapon - Doing 2 Lines of Damage every 1 Tick


NPC Kills Nerfed

The effect of NPC kills will be halved, at 100k, 250k, 500k, 1m and 1.5m and continue every 500k after that. This should balance out people just AFKing for NPC kills to get stronger, and reward people ready for the grind again who want to be stronger through game play and going for better gear!

Raid Box Rework + Star Wars Box

New raid Box - $15

Rare 10%
Tiger King Bow, Upgrade Scroll
Uncommon 20%
Tiger king Equips and Red Laser-gun, and Red Light saber
Common 70%
Storm Trooper Gear, Darth Vader gear, and Obi-wan gear

And the old Raid box was renamed into Starwar's Box

When wearing a full set of any Raid armor, will boost 15% damage in all styles for the raid and accuracy. Includes all Star wars armors, and new Raid armor the Tiger sets

Hunter Reworked

Hunter was a pain in the ass, we know that. Now that skilling will be a huge focus in Mage with the next few updates, we expect all the skills to work perfectly. Hunter was reworked to match Player Feedback. A crucial step into getting your Alligator Gars!

Staff Capes and Staff Additions

We have given Staff from helper to Admin their own cosmetic BiS Cape slot to be used in costume. It will give a 5% damage boost.

We have also made the Symbol appear over a staff members head to sync in with their donor rank, so people will know who to ask for help!




  • We have made Hellfire gear 100 points each, gloves and boots 50 each. Total price of Hellfire Set is now 500 points, reduced greatly and giving people great early game armor which is easily obtained :) image.png.310ebfe81419eaf9e1e2aec264b42515.png
  • Added Cooked Alligator Gar to Vote shop for 4 vote points eachimage.png.63a06f1a37669739aa3731c9687af2ec.png
  • Damage now shows up to 12 Linesimage.png.7b79beb424e0b690c1b9bc878ece839a.png
  • Added an animation to Underwater zone when going deeper image.png.662ae35e12847b5d143206f3d095a687.png
  • Shows 10% Damage boost when wearing a full set of armor under 50k NPC kills as a buff to help new players know that they don't only Vegeta image.png.6627006da4ffa6a4ce70f8c6bf8408be.png
  • Satucre the Boss has a new look!image.png.c69a5bf3ac50448c1f41ce513980f175.png
  • Added Highlighting to all teleports in Normal/Anicent spellbook image.png.5a42fb47143aba24aa158ecca0e6bb90.png
  • Added new teleport names to Spellbooks, and made it easier for new players to navigate and get to places
  • Agro from Agro pets was fixed and made better as to players recommendations
  • Added a Right click option to Zone Master at ::home image.png.3978e1f8f6916ce9534290706a30fab6.png
  • We basically added a new greeting to new players which forces them through tutorial instead of giving them a choice. Since hellfire is easier it will be a must to go through
  • We have added a Chest to the end of the raid in ::raids for Joe Exotic to make it nicer and feel like a real Raids and looting some treasure!
  • To make more people want to buy Naruto BP, we have given the pet a 1 NPC Agro :)

Bug Fixes and Suggestions

  • Fixed Double spam on Goku/Gogeta spawns image.png
  • Fixed Visual Bugs with Luffy Gloves, Gogeta, and other sets pointing the crystal scythe in front of them.
  • All Attack Astrals give a Str Bonus has been fixed, only Attack astral will give it, range and mage won't
  • Using Absorbs before entering a raid has been fixed, its meant to be hard!
  • Max hit dummy has been fixed on not working with Omega Katana
  • Boney KC has been fixed
  • The Ranger bow from ::tri has been fixed, and should now work flawlessly
  • Ironwood Bow and Space Crossbow now need 250 arrows to get 1250 charges, gives 5x the use of a EARLY game OP weapon
  • My Drop rate on the drop interface will now actually work if you uncheck and check it
  • Fixed the Zones interface not working and sometimes showing no zones when you switch from tab to tab
  • Fixed baby tigers from ::raids on phase 1 shrinking to the point where you can't attack them or find them since they are so small and cute!
  • Some people forgot about ::evil and ::good giving a 10% Damage boost to range or Mage, we made it so you need 25 KC to activate this boost now, so another daily activity like ::power ;)
  • DragonBalls #1 not stacking in bank has been fixed and them showing as level 1
  • We fixed the interface for the Costume not being able to remove the fashion items
  • When putting in Level 2-5 Pets into the POS and having another Level 1 pet in the inventory it won't just make your pet level 1, or sell the wrong pet. Should be working just fine now, and safe!


Thank you

We will be doing one more quick update to add in the Winter event after this and some other stuff. Then we will be preparing our biggest update ever on Mage, which will take some time and will be finished at the end of the Winter event. Thank you for waiting for this update and the next that is coming!



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