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Season 4 - Top Donator Event!!!

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Welcome to the Season 4 Top donator event 

This brand new event is going to be 100 days long as that is how long Season 4 is this time. The 10 weeks didn't give us enough time to prepare new Season content and maybe by the refresh might scrap seasons and keep it only for BP :)


The Season 3 Winners are as follows

Heavenwaits #1 - Pm Me

Davidjr #2 - Pm Me

Tabor #3 - Pm Me


The new competition will have the following prizes


Will have a chance to design a piece of content with us for anything they want or dreamed of, could be a new boss dropping some new gear, a quest, or an event + Being first to own whatever they designed OR Custom Weapon/Armor OR Custom Map with a Custom Pet


Custom Weapon and choice of a Custom Armor set or Custom Pet


Custom Weapon OR Custom armor OR Custom Pet

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tabour is 2nd

i am 3rd 




Edited by David Jr

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