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21/11/20 - A New Future for Mage - Raids, Range Rework, Naruto BP and MORE!

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Welcome to the future of Mage!

We have been working on the Refresh for a while, and during the Refresh the new season came out! Season 4 Battle pass is out now with a special line up of Naruto <3 The Refresh will be including on making Mage into a more community based game, and actually having lots of things to do after you basically finished the game. Not only that it should be a more understandable and enjoyable game from the start.

Best stuff of this update = Range Rework(HUGE CHANGE), New BP, Raids is a real and proper thing on Mage now! New interfaces for Costume, lance, and other stuff in the works. Also more items have been rotated thanks to Dallass, our goal next is all NPC's having proper animations and finishing any item rotations. Now this paves the way to FINISH the Mage Refresh.

Raids - Tiger King Raids

This is some insane raids, and now that we have the raid system we can add much much more raids making Mage a place that is not just focused on Zones. Plus the Bright side is this new raids will help new players complete starting zones and a bit more difficult ones like Tormented demons with the features listed below. The gear obtained from this will help you do the first AoE from Range, but since its speed is so fast it will only be 2 targets! Mage will stay high target, and melee will be in the middle of that. Now lets get to the raid itself and how fun it is with friends.


Easy - No NPC kills means it will not count any NPC kills the user has hence putting everyone on the same ground and making the raid fun and equal.

Medium - Buff freeze means the boss can randomly freeze your buffs hence reducing your 1.5x and 2x damage, making you massively weak! But it makes the boss 1.5x damage and hp

Hard - Astrals Level 1 levels the playing field EVEN MORE making your level 10 astral only count for its Level 1 effect. But also making the boss 2x Damage and 3x HP - Hard Raid is the only Raid to get upgrade scrolls to upgrade Tiger Raid gear. Also the 100% drop rate boost makes it worth it ;)

The Tiger King Gear NO UPGRADE - Called Tiger Fury


This is Tiger King gear upgraded with a scroll. Its a Tier 1 Armor so only 1 Hybrid allowed - Called Tiger Rage


Tiger Bow by itself without the set does 2 lines and 2 ticks of Damage and 2 NPC AoE


Tiger Fury Set Effect is making the Bow do 3 Lines and 2 Ticks of Damage and 2 NPC AoE


Tiger Rage set effect is making the Bow do 2 lines of Damage and 1 Tick only. Making it a REALLY FAST AND OP Bow which targets 2 NPC's


Common Drops from Easy


These would include the Evil gear from Evil Turnips so you can complete your zone while doing Raids

Tiger Gear from Ursangs

Lion gear from Lions

1T In Cash
2.5T in Cash
5T in Cash
1-3 Hell Keys
1-3 Hell chests opened
1-3 Hell chests closed
1-5 Blood Feathers
1-3 Space Feathers
1 Ice Key

Common Drops from Medium


Lion Pieces - Counts for Lion Zone Task
Tiger Pieces - Counts for Ursang Zone Task
Evil Pieces - Counts for Evil Turnip Task
1 Turtle Box - Counts for Turtle Zone Task
2T In Cash
4T in Cash
8T in Cash
1-5 Hell Keys
1-5 Hell chests opened
1-5 Hell chests closed
1-7 Blood Feathers
1-5 Space Feathers
1-2 Ice Keys
1 Blood Key

Common Drops from Hard


Lion Pieces - Counts for Lion Zone Task
Tiger Pieces - Counts for Ursang Zone Task
Evil Pieces - Counts for Evil Turnip Task
1 Turtle Box - Counts for Turtle Zone Task
TD Deathful Kites - Counts for TD zone Task
3T In Cash
6T in Cash
12T in Cash
2-7 Hell Keys
2-7 Hell chests opened
2-7 Hell chests closed
3-9 Blood Feathers
2-7 Space Feathers
1-3 Ice Keys
1-2 Blood Keys

Wave 1 - Baby Tiger Wave - Scales with more Players = More baby Tigers


Wave 2 - Tiger wave - Only 4 Tigers - Gives more HP with scaling of players


Wave 3 - Joe Exotic Wave - Gives more HP and Attack and etc scaling with more Players


New Battlepass - Naruto

NARUTTTOOOO, one of the most known anime's with one of the biggest fan clubs next to DBZ and One Piece. This set comes special with the Range Rework. Making it a great set to use with the brand new range :)

This is the Brand new Season 4 BP - Can buy it in the store for $60!


This is the brand new Naruto Gear stats with a brand new off hand shield for Range. If needed we will give it 10% Range damage.

The set effect gives a chance to throw a random Space or Blood arrows(heals) which will add another 10-25k damage randomly making it the best starter set


The Pet gives 10% Ranged Damage wearing any gear, but with full Naruto gives 20% Ranged Damage


Range Rework - Never before seen on Mage

Its the Range rework. We figured out the best way to formulate Range to add into Mage and with our full refresh coming soon all 3 styles will be balanced to the purposes they should have. It took 2 years to make Range in Mage viable, but here it is and enjoy!

Jiren Set is now a Tier 1 Set and has a new set effect of wearing all full set grants the final sniper 6 Lines of Damage


The 007 Set is now a Tier 1 Set, and is just OP shooting 3 lines with 1 Tick. OH YES PLEASE


Of course the new Upgraded Tiger Rage set is also Tier 1 now

With lots of Tier 1 stuff coming in the Refresh expect a better and more rewarding end game!

Enjoy Range style, my favorite style which I am finally glad to announce Mage has and all the content we had for it can now be viable <3

Costume Interface

The point of a Costume interface is to show off your dope outfit. Now you can wear your Costumes with the Effects, and have some Fashionscape too! With more Fashionscape coming with the Mage Refresh you bet your butt this interface is useful.


Lance Interface

A Lance interface for the starter zone to make it less confusing. Yeah those new lances be looking sexy ;)


Content Updates and Bug Fixes

Now of course the most important thing, which actually took the longest :)

  • Botd now has a new teleport at ::botd instead of teleporting you to slayer it teleports you straight to the boss of the day!
  • Bloody Pets now heal 2 HP regardless of the level. Making it the best pet possible to get that amazing health
  • Any issues with Cell you might of had, we made the boss fight smoother
  • We have resolved issues with banking leveled pets
  • We have added an ::odzone2 for all our special diamonds <3
  • If drops say 200 kills needed for drop potential it will only need 200 now, instead of the 220 it was before
  • Boney attacking people in other peoples instances has now been fixed, also been visually reworked to look better now
  • Agro in QBD has been fixed. Also been fixed for Kril and Corp!
  • We have added grind price to a bunch more items! Stuff like the Crown of the Seas and more
  • A small bug with attendance claiming has been fixed to usually give people an extra claim sometimes
  • Using the ::odzone pool and other donor pools will now add the buff time to your current buffs instead of removing it
  • Pet Interface showing pets that are not the pet you have equipped has now been fixed
  • Of course ill mention it again. Dallass and Me(Satucre) have been spending a lot of time fixing item rotations and making the items look nice and match the Mage aesthetic.
  • You can't stack Double pots anymore, was op
  • We have fixed Agro buff from Gar and voting buff that prevented it from being applied when you had too many buffs active
  • Pets outside of Red Gyrados have been fixed from being used at Underwater.
  • Attacking Pepe without voting is a SIN and has been fixed
  • Range Prayers and of course all of Range has been reworked to work now properly ;)
  • Goku Timer has now been fixed to show 2 minutes and 17 seconds instead of like 2 minutes and 137 seconds
  • We have added support for withdrawing as many Absorb potions as you need noted
  • We have added completed amount of ::uzones in the player tab
  • Pathing at ::raids has been properly fixed, and you can find MR Joe Exotic there now <3
  • We have fixed the Absorb pot info interface from overlapping with PM's in resizable
  • We have made the Kril re-spawn timer about 3x faster, to make farming of it more efficient and enjoyable
  • Ice cave entrance has been fixed from ever de-spawning, no matter how many runs you do now
  • The Damage for the Bloody pets will now properly go up as levels go up from 2%-10% depending if level 1-5
  • I buy NPC at home, yeah the cool new NPC you all know and love that got reworked now has support for items up to 100t from 1t!!!!
  • Slayer Zones no clipping has been fixed, so stay inside the zone and learn to enjoy it for the future 99-135 Slayer update coming out
  • White walker teleport saying "none" requirements needed has been fixed

Thank you from the Mage Team

More stuff coming to Mage for sure during the amazing Mage Refresh. The game you once knew and loved will become a game you can share with all your friends! We hope Mage is one of those games you will always remember, we been out for 2 years now, and of course we need a refresh. We are here to stay, and here to excel and try to be the best!







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