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sllim f2p

Full Astrals Guide!

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Since astrals are such a big DPS increase, they are often overlooked or overthought in the process of obtaining them. In this guide, I will explain everything you need to know, broken down.









I highly recommend only starting astrals when you have around 8Q cash that you can expend on them.




Astrals can be purchased from other players, or done completely by ones self. To open the menu, simply do ::astrals or click this icon under your money pouch: 4e3431f52963b19d23e15e64587f2772.png


It will open this screen:


This interface can be broken down to easily understand what you need to do. The bottom 5 orbs, from left to right, will have a green highlight on them starting at the first one (as shown above). This is the orb that you need to click in order to start rolling for your own astrals. EACH ROLL COSTS 1T CASH SO BE WARNED.






You will notice you fail a lot when trying to get to the next orb, this is where RNG comes into play and I will explain later how this can heavily affect your rates.


Once you move onto the 2nd orb there are 2 things that can happen: 


1. 6d056dd0ef204e41bf0c779f657d293e.png


This means you did not succeed in going to the 3rd orb and start back over.


2. 80fe2c83aa403c71ddfbc217e552a677.png

This means you had decent RNG and got to the next orb, giving you more chances at better astrals (more explained later)!






You want to keep rolling astrals for the chance of getting that 5th orb and getting a rare Red Astral. This is very uncommon but can happen. The main purpose of astrals is rolling for green, blue, purple and yellow astrals to be combined into your current highest astral you have. 




The best astrals to go for are in the following order: Crit (Red), Dmg (Red), Atk (Red). See below for the explaination of how they work and the leveling system.





White astrals are useless. They can be sold back to the Magic Shop for 200b ea, meaning every 5 white astrals pays for a free roll (this will play more into the cost broken down below). Once you have a full Magic Shop inventory like this: 34d9fbe4981087516a06710f0055b20b.png



You'll need to collect the highest tier astral you have (see below for the order to go for) and put it in your 1st inventory slot (top left in inventory).


Next, you'll want to click the Sell All option on the bottom right in order to get rid of the whites for the 200b ea back. 


The final step is to click Combine All and enter "1" for the slot number 1 in your inventory, followed by enter to confirm and combine them.




It will look like this in your chatbox: 06299b626aad3469f0d0b9fbcf444add.png



The exp values of the astrals are as follows:

Green = 2 EXP

Blue = 5 EXP

Purple = 10 EXP

Yellow = 25 EXP

Red = 100 EXP 


Note: Don't combine red astrals into other astrals for 100 exp unless they are completely useless. Red astrals sell between 5-6Q right now which greatly help you reduce the total cost of getting level 10's with 50K exp.




All experience astrals give 2x the amount of exp:

Green EXP = 4 EXP

Blue EXP = 10 EXP

Purple EXP = 20 EXP

Yellow EXP = 50 EXP

Red EXP = 1000 EXP 


Note: red experience astrals give 1K exp and are extremely helpful in getting your exp up quickly.


Below is the amount of EXP you need in order to obtain each astral level:


Level 2 = 100 EXP

Level 3 = 250 EXP

Level 4 = 700 EXP

Level 5 = 2500 EXP

Level 6 = 7500 EXP

Level 7 = 12500 EXP

Level 8 = 20000 EXP

Level 9 = 35000 EXP

Level 10 = 50000 EXP




Now, this is where my guide is going to show you how little these astrals really cost compared to buy the exp from other players.


When you are rolling astrals, every 5 whites you sell gives you another free roll. Based on RNG, this can increase your experience gained per 1T spent quite a bit.


On average, current market prices are around 1K exp = 1Q to buy from other players.


My own findings: 1Q spent on astrals to do yourself gives between 1.2-1.7K EXP !!! That is a giant increase in experience if you have the time to do them yourself. 50K exp from other players for lvl10 = 50Q (roughly).


If you were to get this exp all yourself, this would cost between 29-35Q. 


Keep this in mind for the next part.








The Magic Point Shop







You'll notice as you get astrals, you will receive magic points in the middle left side of the interface (see above pictures). Click on your points to open the shop.


This shop is used to purchase Red Astrals for 10K Points each (roughly 10Q spent) OR Red Experience for 3.5K Points each (roughly 3.5Q spent).



Since red astrals sell between 5-6Q, every 10K magic points you're able to sell a red astral (or keep if you're an ironman/elite) in order to further reduce the cost of the experience needed to level 10.



For example:

50K exp costs between 29-35Q. If you get between 1.2-1.7K exp per 1Q spent, you're looking at accumulating around 30K magic points (give or take 300-500 based on RNG).

This means you can sell 3x red astrals (5-6q ea) on your journey to 50K exp, netting the cost down from 29-35Q to around 15-20Q for 50K exp. 




15-20Q starter cash and that'll net you 50K exp assuming the astrals sell ASAP (always in demand with new players or attack styles).




Once you have achieved the 3 main red astrals you will keep, regular players can sell them to reduce total costs drastically. Ironmen and Elites may use their magic points for exp in order to speed up their grind (and normal players too howver you will lose quite a bit of money this way).





Astral Perks


All of the listed values are based on per level. So multiply your astral level by perk value to get its total buff.

Ex: Red level 3 Crit = 15% chance to do double dmg



Green is the lowest tier, as Red is the highest in this order:

Green, Blue, Purple, Yellow, Red





Attack astrals (Melee Attack, Range Attack, Mage Attack)

Note: Melee attack astral gives strength bonus as well.


Increases attack style (astral type specific) by 100 

Increases attack style (astral type specific) by 250 

Increases attack style (astral type specific) by 500 

Increases attack style (astral type specific) by 1000

Increases attack style (astral type specific) by 2500 



Crit Astrals (chance to double your dmg for that line of dmg)


Green - 1%

Blue - 2%

Purple - 3%

Yellow - 4%

Red - 5%


Damage Astrals (increase your damage by % shown)(Mage and Range have their own)


Green - 1%

Blue - 2%

Purple - 3%

Yellow - 4%

Red - 5%



Defense (blocks all incoming dmg based on %)


Green - 2%

Blue - 3%

Purple - 4%

Yellow - 5%

Red - 7%


HP (increase total HP by value shown)


Green - 2

Blue - 4

Purple - 5

Yellow - 7

Red - 9







Feel free to let me know if I missed anything and I will be sure to include it in this guide. Thanks for reading and goodluck!





Edited by sllim f2p

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