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04/10/2020 - The Start of Mage Refresh

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This last month I been working on finishing the most important content, and tying up everything else on Mage. Finally filling in all the gaps, but the other problem was how outdated Mage looked. Our interfaces looked old, and done when we were less professional. Our NPC's looked outdated as well, we have realized the big issue of most of our NPC's missing graphics and animations. We make the mechanics, but the look isn't professional. So the point of the start of the Mage Refresh is adding in all the content we planned and refreshing the WHOLE look of Mage. This will greatly benefit old and new players, as the fights will be more interesting then sometimes just attacking non moving NPC's. The interfaces will be more interactive and fun to use, Mage in general will have A HUGE QUALITY boost. Mage has been up for almost 2 years, and this is crucial to move Mage into the 2020 and continue setting the standard for Custom servers.

Get Ready For the FUTURE Of Mage. The New Standard. THE REFRESH!

Zone/Teleport Interface

We thought our old teleport interface didn't really do much, and with the ::zones being the primary thing people used. We combined the 2 and created this amazing interface. It will be used for expansion into Skilling based Zones and Misc Based zones, which is like tasks for ::gamble area and other cool stuff 


Zone Skips Interface

Zone Skips is now an interface which you can use to check if you have the Reqs needed to skip, and if you completed a zone or not. Its much cleaner and much more useful for people wanting to purchase a $20-100 Zone Skip 


New Mystery Box interface 

Mystery Boxes were really ugly to open, and we tried to make them with no interface like with the pet boxes. We do not have to be scared anymore as this new Mystery box interface is AMAZING 

New Loot checking interface at ::loot

The biggest question new players have is what does this item have loot wise, what can do I do with it. And now for all Boxes/Keys in Mage you now have an answer. We might be making it better and cleaner in the future with feedback from community. 


Boss Task Interface 

Getting a Boss task was a struggle, we have 30+ boss tasks, and you have to scroll from left to right. Now its a scroll up and down and choose as you want. Simple and easy and GREAT for the player 


Updated ::szone and ::odzone 

You guys thought we wouldn't include some content, but we did as we are expanding the ::szone and ::odzone more we need your feedback on what else to add or do with the zones. As we have a lot of Sponsors and Diamonds thankfully we want to make this a better zone for you to enjoy and use. 

Added Two TD Locations in ::szone 



Added One Kril location in ::odzone 


Fall/Halloween Home Map

This is a mini update before the real update that will include everything from the 99-135 prayer and slayer, to the halloween event. We can't wait to release the next update for you guys!


Early Game Rework - The Start

All sets will now have a 10% Damage boost except Vegeta set, plus the additional set bonus the set already had. So if you use a Rage set you will have a 10% Damage boost and the Rage set effect 

This Boost lasts until 50k NPC Kills and allows for more diversity and sets to be bought to help in early game, instead of just using Vegeta. 


Content/Bug Fixes and Changes

  • We have Nerfed Hybrid items usage and you may only use 2 Items to complete a set now, and may only use 1 Item to complete Tier 1 sets which would be Gogeta and any future Tier 1 sets we release
  • We have fixed zones which require 3-5 Rare drops to get, but you finish it if you get a drop with multiple items. Now each Rare drop counts as 1 as intended 
  • We have Fixed the Buff system, added in more stacking to be allowed. And Fixed stuff with the defensive stance buff not working with other buffs.
  • We have Fixed Vote Buffs obtained from 10 vote buffs from over-riding other buffs
  • Pepe the Vote Boss now needs 7 Votes that day to be allowed to be attacked
  • Summer event is now over, but we fixed all the abuse issues. Which will help us make the next event better through the feedback of this one.
  • Casino Rank now has a new cool Rank as seen in the ::szone pictures. Also Casino rank will be fully working. Its called Trusted Rank and you may always place bets with these people as they will always be insured by us. You may also gamble at their very own Casinos located on the red carpet at ::gamble ;)
  • Gyrados is a now a 1 Agro NPC Pet to be used underwater. You may use this pet outside of underwater when 4 ::uzones are finished 
  • Using Control key and hovering over items will show their stats and if they are better then the items you have now, or in general see the stats! 

If you feel this update was a bit underwhelming, please consider that we are changing the whole look of Mage. We are learning how to make high quality things, and high quality interfaces, NPC's and etc take time. For sure the next update will be one to remember. Thank you very much and please be patient as we are all working hard. And stuff like this took a lot of time from all of the Mage team to make happen, and we are now much more efficient in creating these things. So expect THE NEXT UPDATE TO BE SO AMAZING!  


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