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Hours you spend a day on Mage: In the week i spent around 6hours a day then on the weekend anything from 10hours+

Reasons for helping people: I know it doesn't look like i have been with this server for very long but i used to play late 2019 and forget my name and i know i ask question in the server but not everyone knows everything without searching it and thats what i am doing all the time now! (i know i ask about the c scythe a lot because i just dont understand that was up upgrading) When new people join i always say welcome and when people donate as well always say thank you and goodluck. I can always stop pvming and help a new mageps player and do what i can to help him even if its not with items just showing him around the server and easy ways to make money and good gear to start of with. I have a strong but not perfect knowledge of Mageps and willing to improve it for the future of Mageps!

Reason for playing Mage: Love all the custom features of the weapons and i am a huge dragonball z/pokemon fan so its a bit of an exciting game for me when i log and i generally cant wait to log on after a long day at work and chill!  ALL the staff are great on what they do and the situations that i've seen them handle has been top notch, and i will defiantly try and do the same! AND you thought i forgot about the updates! there amazing and cant wait until the next ones comes out! 

Time Zone: GMT London


Doesn't seem a long time but that time is all PVM I DO NOT sit on and afk my time away/afk pvmetc.... ive been playing for about 3-4months now


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Fairly active in CC and helping players though, just needs some more time in the game to learn things.

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