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11/09/20 - Cthulhu has Awakened - Lets Get Mage Popping!

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This is an update before our big game-changing update. We wanted to fix a lot of the bugs, and start preparing for Halloween and make sure we finished everything we wanted after the Summer Event ends and Before the Halloween event starts, so the next update will be in that time frame, so about the end of September. 

Sorry, this update took so long, but we are working really hard on the big update that's upcoming! 

Let's go over what this one has though! 


Cthulhu Has Awakened - ::uzones - Underwater Boss #4

Has the new BiS Amulet, Ring, and F2P Cape with the goodies to make the new BiS Staff. This is the BOSS TO KILL, and the BOSS TO HUNT NOW!



🎣 You can now sell your pickaxes for 50% of the value you bought it for rainbow Fish 🎣 

🎣 You can now Obtain Golden Rainbowfish which will be non-stackable fish which can fill up the inventory. They will jump out randomly as well so need to be semi-active every couple hours to make sure you get all the benefits

🎣 Each fish will sell for a chance at 50 250 or 500 rainbow fish  🎣 




The new Casino Rank is finally here, it's been long-awaited and actually made 8 months ago, just we never knew the best time to add it into Mage. With Mage being so awesome now and more people wanting to gamble the cash, this is now the best option for people to become a Casino owner and a TRUSTED rank inside the gambling zone. You need Diamond rank to upgrade.




We REMOVED Donor points from our store, so this is all for you guys from the::zones grind <3

We would love to thank everyone for supporting us for so long, and another way to make Mage F2P

Featured Items
  • Add Frieza Token Here 
  • Add Interdimensional Key here 
  • Add the Drop Catcher Upgraded here 
  • Keep the Pet Box here Add Cash Box and Magical Box here
  • Put Gem + Blood Edge and Hades Scythe here 
  • Make Golden Black Dragon Pet 45k points and keep it there 

Mystery Boxes

  • Cash Box ($3) -1200 pts 
  • Magical Box - 1400 pts


  • Gem Katana - 300t - 1.5k pts 
  • Blood Edge Sword- 2q - 3.5k
  • Hades Scythe - $250 - 65k pts


  • Vegeta Set - 15T per piece. 1600 pts per piece

Armour Price Reductions 

  • Lucky Comp Pieces to 1000 ea 
  • Heavy Dragon Bone to 1.2k ea 
  • Phantom pieces to 2k ea 
  • Fairy wings to 1.5k
  • Toxic Shield to 1k 

Misc. - Add 

  • Frieza Tokens 75t - 750 pts
  • Interdemensional Key - 500t - 2.25k
  • Replace Drop Catcher with Drop Catcher upgraded

Misc. - Price reductions - 

  • Make all potions 150 pts per potion.
  • Weak Gem - 350 pts
  • Strong gem - 1000 pts
  • Godly gem - 2500 pts
  • Heaven stone - 200 pts
  • Lucky ore - 400 pts
  • Finest Stone - 1200 pts 
  • scroll of cleansing 500 pts
  • Scroll of efficiency 500 pts
  • Absorption potion - 25 pts each
  • Ring of wealth - 200 pts
  • Heart Crystal - 500 pts
  • Remove EXP Rings (Useless)
  • Name Change Scroll - 2k pts
  • 100% 10% drop rate scroll - 8k pts
  • Arcane Blast Necklace 4k pts 
  • Lower All Frenzy Weapons to 1.5k Donor Points
  • Dihns to 5k 
  • Hailstorm Dagger to 4k 
  • Elder Maul 12k


Mage is back? Evil Goku Black Staff  - $500 + F2P

500 Chultlu tentacles can be combined with the Goku Black Staff to make it an Evil Goku Black Staff 
The Evil Goku Black Staff will hit 4 NPCs With Guthix Claws + Shadow GFX 2 guthix claws 2 shadow GFX. 
It will do 100% 2nd Line Damage and has a 50% chance of adding a 3rd line, which will do 50% 3rd line damage additional. Making it the most OP Staff in the game and bringing Mage back into the LIMELIGHT. Will have no damage boost though and its untradable.


New Refer system and rewards

The new Refer System will work through codes we place on all our ads and will be claimable after the fact they found the code from the intended ad

The new rewards will give 3 Lesser Magical Boxes, 3T, and a Crystal Katana for 5000 hits. Big upgrade from the old Refer system 



The scroll will skip the zone 3/3 finished
EASY: 12 Easys - $20
Cave horror 
Transformed horse 
Ethereal mage 
Evil turnip 
Mystery box 
Ganodermic beast 
MEDIUM: 15 mediums - includes 3 ::zones2  - $40
Tormented demon 
Lucky Knight 
Rage vorago (maybe extra $10 to skip 500 normals?) 
Corporeal beast 
Stormtrooper leader 
White walker 
Good ranger 
Evil mage 
Crab Leader boss 
HARD - $60
Darth vader 
K'ril tsutsaroth 
Blood Cerberus 
Slayer zone easy
Slayer zone Medium
Slayer zone Hard 
Boney beast 
Elite - $100
James bond
Ice dragon
Blood queen 




  • Untradables being tradable with deposit all fixed
  • Security Issues with Bank Pin have been fixed 
  • Special deals Icon not being removable is fixed 
  • Yells will go on the 2nd Line now 
  • Name changing should work with no issues on all account types 
  • Elite account eligibility fixed 
  • Deathly Hallows wand not working for BP 
  • Saiyan Trophy Bug fixed 
  • The issue with Luffy on the last line doing a 0 has been fixed
  • Gogeta requires 30 Boss Kills instead of 50 
  • Personal Boss tasks have been fixed if you ever went above the amount 
  • Fixed the Drop rate on Poseidon as the eco was flooded with tridents 
  • Fixed the Crystal Edge from being 2H to 1H
  • Fix SlayerE-H to show the damage you have dealt during your trip there 
  • Jiren and Goku Black being 250 kills for a bounty scroll has been fixed
  • Party Pete has been redone and will show the time till the next drop party, admins can also pull the lever for 250t to start a Drop party! 
  • The PoS has been made better and clearer by adding colour-coding to the B T and Q B is white T is green and Q is Red
  • All Range Weapons which required bolts and arrows have been fixed, and a major range update coming soon ;)
  • Sponsor and Diamond capes got buffed 
  • No grinding for dragon balls in ::slayerh
  • Removing all in-active or banned players to be removed from the boss leaderboards




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David Jr 


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Excited to see what is next!

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honestly really well needed update


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