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Voter of the Month - September - Information

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Voter of the Month Competition - September 

Last month was a WILD month for August, we had an un-official Voter Of the month competition for August because we implemented the Top Voter system early in the month, but was too late to announce it. 

So today there will be a winner for August, 3 winners as a matter of fact. 


Sllim f2p will win $100 Donation for 1st

Nuzzloob will win $60 Donation for 2nd

and Mental will win $30 donation for 3rd 


Rewards for September 

The rewards for September will be as follows 

1st Will win $150 Donation with 3 Pepe boss server events(means you can spawn 3 pepes)

2nd Will win $100 Donation with 2 Pepe Boss Spawns 

and 3rd will win $60 with 1 Pepe Boss spawn 


Thanks for playing Mage and I hope you enjoy this AMAZING Voter of the month event. 

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Yeah Boiiii

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