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MagePS gp/h rates 

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                                                     MagePS gp/h rates 

                      fishing rainbow fish 100T per hour if sold 50B each

To start afk fishing use ::afkzone and walk south!




then you want to click on the fishing spot and let it do the work while you do other things like go to work



                      Thieving space chest at 123 thieving 561T/H to 825T/H depending on rng

thieving is the most luxurious skill in mage coming out on the launch of season 2 with the space biome being the best

to get to this chest you first need 123 thieving which can be gotten using the chests below. once you have the requirement you want to run past the afk spot and to the islands and go to the space themed island and enter the portal.

You can also use ::space to teleport directly into the island.



inside you will find for chests (and other things) one will be full if you have the level and all others are trapped and will damage you for 50hp each click, the full chest will have 50 charges after that is used the chests will switch and a new one will be full. image of chests below



for exact drops and more info look here

                      Thieving ice chest at 116 thieving 494T/H to 726T/H depending on rng

all the info is up in the space guide but here is a photo for the island

You can use ::ice to teleport directly into the island!


                      Thieving blood chest at 107 thieving 396T/H to 660T/H depending on rng

the blood chest is a bid larger than the rest so the chests are far appart you way have to go searching for them

You can also use ::blood to go directly into the island!


Thieving jungle chest at 99 thieving 198T/H to 462T/H depending on rng

same with blood but its smaller and is compete flat land

You can also do ::jungle to go directly into the island!




Thanks so much for reading and i hope you enjoyed this as much as i did making this, i will try to keep this updated and add new things, so if you have any suggestions fell free to leave them down below and start making those gains.

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Easy understandable guide for new people, Thanks for making it Gameknightjj!

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