As we all know the summer update dropped on MagePs.   So on this thread we are gonna give you a brief rundown of all the new content wich was added with the new and improved Season 3 update!   Chad Set Chad is our bro of the beach, he's the one taking on the gnarly waves. Set Bonus - Increases One handed damage by 15% 
Costume Slot equipped - 2% 1 handed damage per piece, 10% for set    Chad also has his own pet! Beach Chad Pet - Gives 3000 Str Bonus and 10% One handed damage if wearing full beach chad set   Ofcourse we cant forget to show of chad with our new Red surfboard. The Red surfboard has the same stats as a Hellslayer sword! The pink surfboard is a hidden gem! Pink Surfboard is a 2h weapon with Elder maul stats, the speed of Hades scythe + Hades scythe special.     Moving on to our next new set! Pictures coming soon.   Set Bonus - Increases Two handed damage by 15% 
Costume slot equipped - 2% 2 handed damage per piece, 10% for set   Even the Simp set has her own pet! Beach Girl Pet - Gives 2000 Str bonus range bonus and mage bonus, and 10% two handed damage.   Nextup we got the Water Bazooka. The Water Bazooka has the same stats as the Jiren Final Sniper  500 range bonus, It Shoots 2 Double water Waves - Does 4 lines of damage - Same speed as Jiren Final Sniper.   And last but not least, We got the new battlepass reward set! The luffy armour set! This is one of the best new Melee sets offering 4750 str bonus a piece with a set effect of 10% chance to double all the lines of your next hit. So from 3 to 6 lines is possible with the Crystal Scythe. The Luffy pet also lets you attract one NPC, and gives a 10% Damage boost.