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Season 3 - Summer Event, New BP, Vote Boss Pepe + More

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Welcome to Season 3

This is a great jump from Season 2, but still not everything we wanted. Season 3 will be lots of reworking and changing, our goal is to make Mage the best Custom Server possible, we realized we have a lot of changes to make to keep up with the times, and create a more enjoyable game and experience for players. 

We will be working EXTRA hard to make sure you love Mage and keep it as your #1 custom server of choice! 


Summer Event 

Its getting hot in here, take off all your cloths because the SUMMER EVENT is finally here. We wanted your summer experience to be the best one, and to enjoy Mage because of Coronavirus. We hope you love this event as much as we loved making it.

Everyday you can acquire key fragments from the following activities below

You can obtain 48 Key Fragments from Spraying people down on the opposite team 

You can obtain 42 Key Fragments for helping people at ::summer

10 Key fragments for throwing a beachball around 

And you also obtain 1 Key fragment for a Goku Kill, 2 for a Pepe the Vote Boss Kill, and 3 for a Gogeta kill

10 Key Fragments make one Summer Key :)



There is so many rewards to obtain, a Pink Surfboard, Red Surfboard, a Water Bazooka, a Chad Set and a new Simp Set

The Information of each of these items will be on another thread found below





BP Pass Season 3 - Luffy

On Mage we always try to introduce your favorite characters to our game. For Season 3 with the Summer weather going on now, we thought Luffy will make most of our Mage Players happy <3

This is one of the best new Melee sets offering 4750 str bonus a piece with a set effect of 10% chance to double all the lines of your next hit. So from 3 to 6 lines is possible with Scythe 

The Luffy pet also lets you attract one NPC, and gives a 10% Damage boost. The ultimate pet before Gogeta! Cheaper too <3



Pepe the Vote Boss 

Pepe is here and Pepe wants you to vote on Mage. Our favorite Meme machine is now on Mage for all to experience.

Top 10 will get a Rare Vote box

Everyone else will get a 25% chance at a Rare Vote Box and 75% Chance at a Vote Box

The Pepe will spawn every 150 Votes Mage has! So Vote and Support us <3



New Afk Pickaxes - Stacking Damage buffs

People wanted stacking Damage buffs, YOU GOT THEM! Due to the stacking effect we nerfed all Pickaxes from 50% damage boost to 30%. But now it can be stacked with a double potion. Making Melee, range and Mage MUCH MORE effective. 

These new pickaxes will cost 500k Rainbow fish, so get AFKing boys! 



Welcome Back to Mage!

We have a lot of people as our competition now a days, so for all those who wanted to return we made a ::welcomeback command, which will give a Magical box, 2 Summer keys, 3 Lesser Magical boxes, 5t in Cash and of course a weapon which will last 10k hits and will act as a blood edge sword(one of the best One handed weapons in Mage) All for free!



Redoing All the teleports - Plans to redo A LOT of interfaces and add lots of new ones

We have started redoing teleports here and there, and started work on a lot of new interfaces. Expect some greatness in the next month.


Crystal Scythe 

As a new item sink we have added a Crystal scythe, It will be on the store for $700 or can be obtained in-game for Free by combining a Crystal Staff + Blood scythe. When combined it will be untradable.



PoS History Logs on Discord now for all to see

We are adding more interaction to Discord, and our first step is seeing all the PoS history logs, if you have any more ideas go to #suggestions on discord


Bug Fixes/Content Updates

  • Myers/Black Goku is now on a Cooldown. Level 1 is 100 seconds 2 = 90 3 = 80 4 = 70 Level 5 is 60!
  • Removed the annoying Alt/Control problem and added it as a client toggle instead
  • AoE Damage for Mage has been fixed now(plus stacking pickaxe, makes MAGE stronger now as only Melee had this option before)
  • Tutorial now always stays active
  • ::prices Command which opens up the price guide 
  • Tutorial fully fixed and will work at any stage, even turned off
  • Guide book thread opens up when players first join Mage 
  • Players get a global message when they vote now every 12 hours 
  • Prestige Zone has been removed and might be reworked one day, and right click shop option has been added to NPC
  • Prestige now works with combat, and requires 99 in all combat stats to prestige 
  • Agro will not work anymore for NPC's not spawned for them, this is included in the Slayere-H Zones especially 
  • SlayerE-H has a new map and better system in place for spawning NPC's and not running off the map since its a new map
  • Blood Scythe has been Nerfed to 2 lines of Damage as it was once buffed due to melee being weak hence the addition of Crystal scythe instead 
  • Pepe and Poseidon do not get 1 hit with the 1 hit buff anymore 
  • Atlantis Tokens required to make Crystal Staff is now 300 from 200 
  • The drop rate has doubled for Poseidon as its end game stuff being obtained too easily, and crab drop table has also been made harder as it was made wrong 
  • Poseidon Zone Requirement Message has been added now
  • DBZ Gear box when opening has a proper message in place 
  • Tri chest has been added map sided so it won't be gone anymore, and Tri keys have been made stackable 
  • New map added for Poseidon which will have proper clipping and walking on it now 
  • Removed the GFX from hades which used to lag people up. This will now not be AN ISSUE what's so ever 
  • Voting spin not working has been fixed 
  • Absorb potion withdrawing has been fixed, where it would delete a stack of absorb pots 
  • ::first has been removed
  • Fixed the 2 handed damage message not being the same as maxhit interface 
  • null messages for boney have been removed
  • Attacking other peoples Poseidon if they are in another instance has now been fixed
  • Evil amulet noting has been fixed
  • Fixed the Collection part in the PoS not removing, even when claiming the items already. Should be no issues now 
  • The Fire lance is now shown on the tutorial instead of Water lance, since you get a Fire lance as a reward!
  • Yellow Bando's is now fixed from stacking 
  • ::power buffs are fixed and give their proper 20% damage boost, if you are diamond you can choose if not its random. DON'T FORGET THAT! 
  • Distance on Buff fountains have been increased so you don't need to drink from one angle. So enjoy your ::dzone
  • Issues with Mist and Life potions have been fixed 
  • Fixed Defensive stance from being so slow, and made better now. So keep on the ::vote buffs!
  • Removed all the old people from Staff tab, and it auto updates with 0 issues now 
  • Increased the distance on Cell Levers 
  • Voragos Stacking issue has finally been fixed! 
  • Fixed Exp Astrals from Gogeta not being able to be looted 
  • Fixed Boney boss bones not using Hell powder properly 
  • We removed peoples Crab leader boss drops due to wrong drop rate, and now since its proper drop rate enjoy obtaining it again <3 
  • Name change scrolls not working for Elites has been fixed now 
  • Jail taking you home when you log out has been fixed now, and those people who have been jailed or enjoy being jailed know!


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Lets get the grind on! :D 

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Hype! Enjoy the update guys!

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Love the update! Keep the content comming!

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