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30/07/20 - New World Boss + Underwater Boss Expansion + New Zone Rewards

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Welcome to the latest Mage Update, we have been working on fixing all the bugs on Mage as that was top priority. Mage will be bug free from now and we will be fixing any and all bugs that appear in a timely fashion now :) instead of waiting for the next update

New World Boss - Gogeta 

Welcome to the new World Boss! His spawn times is every 12 hours. This will be a highly sought after boss to fight because Goku is giving the same old things, but with Gogeta you can get the brand new Gogeta Equips, Blue/Pink Bikini and other Donor stuff never available in-game before, as always we are making Mage F2P With all our efforts. Again we are the #1 most F2P RSPS with $100s of free donations for doing zones, and all our store items being obtainable in-game for free <3

He Can also be spawned with all 7 World Dragon Balls being obtained from our new DBZ Zones!5f235b812d9e5_ScreenShot2020-07-31at3_40_56AM.png.2527324ad9b259b2767a830392d2b866.png

Gogeta Gear

Gogeta gear is upgradable with all the DBZ pieces, but you may only use a certain amount of one type per armor piece, making Gogeta the BiS gear for a long time, but at a HIGH HIGH COST 

Use Goku Piece on piece of Gogeta and it will go up 500 str bonus - 5 Pieces allowed

One Piece of Vegeta will give 25 Str bonus  - 10 Pieces allowed 

One Piece of Cell gives 75 str bonus  - 5 Pieces Allowed 

One piece of Frieza gives 125 str bonus - 5 Pieces Allowed 

Total 5k Str bonus Boost

The Set effect for full set is 2.2x Str Bonus - Super Saiyan Ultimate Buff 


New Underwater Boss #3 - Poseidon

Another expansion to Underwater is here, with the final boss coming in the summer update. Poseidon is a great boss to fight because he will be offering an option to upgrade a blood staff into a crystal staff, a new Mage Weapon, and of course a new Hybrid item which attaches to most sets, the Crown of the Sea's a highly sought after item! You may also upgrade your diver set from the diver set from level 1 to level 2. You need to get Crab drops for the upgrade to level 1 don't forget! Also Oxygen drains here faster, if you run out of it, you will lose your diver piece when you reach 0% as you will float to the surface. 

Diver Set Level 2 Upgrade Information 

150 Atlantis tokens for Diver top
100 Atlantis tokens for Diver helmet
125 for Diver legs
and 150 for the Diver tank
Poseidon Zone Information 
Kill 500 Poseidon - 5,000 donation point box
Get 250 Atlantis Tokens - 5 cash boxes
Get 3 rare drops - Chest Ticket




Staff Rework + Crystal Staff F2P

We have aimed to making the Crystal staff f2p somehow, and we came up with an amazing solution removing 2 good items to make an even more amazing one, while still not affecting the people who donated for one. Remember a Crystal staff is still $500 and now its F2P to obtain! We have also reworked all the staves and made the Damage easier to understand for all, with more reworks for Mage/Range coming in the Summer update

To make Crystal Staff

Sea of Trident + Blood Staff + 200 Atlantis Tokens = Crystal Staff 

Blood staff 0% Damage 
50% 2nd Hit 
Poseidon Trident 5% Damage 
60% 2nd Hit 
Goku Black Staff 10% Damage 
70% 2nd Hit 
Crystal Staff 10% Damage 
80% 2nd Hit 


Gear Rework - All Armor Sets

We have reworked all the sets we could find from early game like Crystal keys/Golden keys, to all the starter zones like Lion, and etc. Also great to use those Lesser Magical boxes when you first join as they will have some OP GEAR to push you forward. Everything that is good and bad now is determined by difficulty to obtain, even if its high in a zone, but its easy to obtain will not be as valued as QBD for example which is only 1 NPC to kill and hard to obtain. This is the example of Vegeta being so good compared to the other sets. This is now thankfully fixed and we are now planning on adding more to the mid game and if you guy's have any ideas for new Set Effects let us know on Discord!

We Will be reworking more stuff in the next update. These include Shields, Amulets, Rings, Capes, Range and Mage Gear. Weapons and etc. Right now we have doubled the limit of the gear for all str sets and added more potential for a better early, mid, and late game! So if you ever quit Mage this is the best time to come back! Especially if you wanted to be an ironman, because now you will have better/proper progression.

Zone Expansion

We have expanded zones to include new rewards and goodies 

Zone 32 Rewards
22,000 donor point box + 5% Double drop rate chance + 10 HP Boost 
Zone 35 Rewards 
$70 Rank + Chest Ticket 
Allows talking to weird NPC, can talk to him daily and choose 2 options. Either Seeds or box
Seed option would give 1-3 seeds randomly from all the seed options we have. So it would choose 1-3 seeds from 8 seed types. And then they would get 1-3 seeds with the chance of getting a good type or bad type
Box will give a 1/10 chance chance magical box 1/10 cash box and 8/10 chance at lesser magical box
If talking to him without doing 35 zones, he would say “BOX BOX SEEDS I GOT BOXES AND SEEDS, DID YOU FINISH 35 ZONES!?!?!?” 
::zones2 7 Rewards 
DBZ Box($50 one) - 5% magic 5% range Damage boost 
Underwater Zones - ::uzones
2 Zones Finished Rewards - 10% damage underwater for all attack styles, 5% Damage outside of the water for all attack styles
4 Zones Finished Rewards - Allows use of the Red Gyrados outside of underwater, gives 20% Damage underwater for all attack styles and 10% damage outside of the water for all attack styles 5f235ae3e47de_ScreenShot2020-07-31at5_05_05AM.thumb.png.9b5fc477a61f60128c1f2b57ab7ff9b8.png

DBZ Gear Box

DBZ Gear Box - Get a chance at a random DBZ Equip
Common - Vegeta Equips + Cell Equips
Uncommon - Frieza Equips + Goku Equips
Ultra Rare - Goku Black Equips + Jiren Equips
Godly - Gogeta Equips + Jiren Bow + Goku Black staff


Vote Shop Expansion + More Vegetas

We have added new items/prices for vote shop items

Ice key is now 8 vote points from 11

Blood key is now 11 vote points from 14

Frieza token is now 7 points

Inter-dimensional key is 20 points

This will be great for people who vote as Frieza tokens will be highly sought after. 

Plus a lot of people wanted more Vegetas and a reworked Vegeta map and we focused on making that happen! As always we listen to your suggestions and bug reports.5f235b45e3a4d_ScreenShot2020-07-31at4_02_35AM.thumb.png.8d9b71b92e7b8e9d2a88e7aaf710fcc1.png


Bug Fixes and Content Updates

  • Replaced Ice Dragon/Blood Queen in Power
  • Fixed Power Buffs not doing anything
  • Fixed Power waves not starting at wave 0
  • Fixed issue with odzone fountain and having the super saiyan buffs
  • Moved over the depth/oxygen bars a little so you can still see buff timers
  • Fixed cell drop table having 2 bodies
  • Fixed maxhit interface not showing, the proper formula for one hand and two hand damage
  • Fixed string issue with super saiyan spelling strength wrong
  • Additional hotfixes from live post update
  • Fixed issues with potential
  • Added POS refresh after you buy an item
  • Added boss collection log and tasks for all new boses
  • Vote books no longer sellable to torzek and now stackable
  • When Battle pass will end with the information on #battle-pass channel in Discord
  • Fixed bug where switching from magic to melee caused bug referencing you need runes to cast this spell
  • Fixed bug where radioactive potion was killing all npcs around you due to diamond cape
  • Fixed bug where astral interface was causing you to active magic spells "due to interface button being the same as astral button"

Thanks for sticking with Mage and we hope you love this update and wait till the final Part 4 of Season 2. Which is our Summer update and it shall wrap things up till Season 3. We hope you love Mage as we love making it for you guys, and help us supporting us constantly and voting and telling others about Mage so they can play and discover the wonders of a FULLY F2P and fun server that has been out for one and half years now and going strong.


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Great content and bug fixes keep this up we will be at the top!

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Guest Banshee 44

All this sounds amazing. You guys are killing it. 

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Guest Barend

Very nice and big update. And it's looking fine af.. Well done :D

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