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14/07/20 - Season 2 Part 2 - PvM Expansion - 4 New Bosses + More!

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Season 2 - Part 2 - PvM Expansion

Part 2 is the start of all our PvM Expansions. This we be marking the first of them, the next being a new World Boss with lots of secret cool stuff ;)

So to introduce the theme of this update, its Dragonball Z. We wanted to finish it and make it a big part of Mage. We don't know exactly what compelled us to do this, but its been a work in progress for a long time. Since we had Goku and Vegeta we always wanted to add more, but didn't at the same time, as there is lots of other cool stuff to add. But in the end we decided to make Dragonball Z a huge thing with the competition having 7 bosses in total all related to dragon ball z. Two World bosses, Three Zone bosses, and Two Zones2 Bosses. We might do more crossover content in the future with other popular games, but we are also always trying to create our own twist on content and this will be seen with our huge Summer update coming soon.



Welcome to the first boss, which links to every other boss, this is a new system we are trying and it won't be that complicated we promise! Cell will drop key half and Frieza tokens which are used to fight Frieza. 

The Difficulty of this boss to prevent AFK key farming is Damage reflect :) If you are not paying attention you will get rekt 

To disable the Damage reflect you must turn the levers inside the room, one of them will remove the damage reflect, the other lever will heal the boss. Myers Pet effect cannot be used for this boss. 


This is the second boss in the group! After you get a Frieza token you can go here and get the second key halves, you can now make a complete key and move onto the raid bosses. 

The challenge of this boss is dodging basically bombs Frieza places around you, should be fun to solo.

Goku Black

Goku Black is our first raids expansion in a long long time, ::iced being our last one, we finally have Goku Black <3 and Jiren. Goku Black is Mage boss with Mage drops, it will drop one of the new BIS staves with only Crystal staff competing with it. It will also drop new BIS gear with only Harry Potter upgraded gear beating it! This is a great new boss to farm and do!!! We hope you enjoy our new end game content which can also be done with 1-4 people, people complained ::iced requirements were not enough, but getting to Goku Black will be truly hard since killing Cell requires 1/3 Boney Beast and 1/3 Ice Dragon, but to get to Goku Black you will need 1/3 Cell and 1/3 Frieza ;)

The stuff to remember about this boss is that Melee will do 50% more damage to the boss, Range 0% Damage boost, and Magic is a 75% damage reduction 

This boss also has a max of 200 Damage and lots of cool effects, praying magic will reduce damage by 30%, and we highly recommend the new fish to get your hp past 200 <3 

You can spawn the boss by walking to the end of the 4 crossroads and standing there 10 seconds. This includes up to 4 people standing in all 4 crossroads


Jiren is our second raid boss focused on Range and a brand new slapper of a weapon, with this update we had to rework the whole client to support more then 2 lines of damage, and now we support 5 for now <3 This update releases our first two handed range weapon and our first weapon with more then 3 lines of damage. You know for sure Jiren will be the end game boss you will aim to kill. 

You can spawn Jiren by standing on the outer islands not on the middle one. It will spawn in 10 seconds. 

There is an amazing 1 HKO mechanic for this boss, and it involves you dodging the 1 hko attack by going on different islands


Dragonball Z Pet Box

This box is our new donation store item for $50, and it contains 5 new pets! This is a permanent addition to the store unlike the halloween box <3 The amazing part is they scale with the new sets making the pets even better!

Cell - Chucky Pet Effect + 5% Melee Damage if wearing full Cell

Frieza - It Clown Pet effect + 5% Melee Damage if wearing full Frieza

Black Goku - Micheal Myers Pet Effect + 5% Magic Damage if wearing Full Black Goku

Jiren - Jason Pet Effect + 5% Range Damage if wearing full Jiren

Gogeta - Freddy Pet Effect + 5% Melee Damage if wearing full Gogeta

Donation Store Rework

We have reduced the prices for all the season 1 stuff. This WAS our most insane addition, we will also be running better deals to match the coronavirus situation and make deals start from $10 to give everyone a chance to donate and help the server! We really know money is tight and we still have our same expenses so we hope with this major price drop people can support the Mage team as well <3

Price reductions 

Crystal Staff $550>$500

Blue Bikini $450>$400

Chest Ticket $50>$40  

Cash Box $4>$3

Magical Box $5>$4

Hades Blood Scythe $500>$400

Hades Scythe $400>$250

Blood Staff $300>$250

Magical Box 10+1 Free $50>$35

Magical box 100+11 Free $500>$300

Pet Box $10>$7

Pet Box 10+1 free $100>$60

Starwar Raid Boxes $8>$7

Star Wars boxes 10+1 free $80>$70

Starwars req box $75>$70  

Tyrant Armor $150>$100

Sexy School Girl outfit $225>$150

Pink Bikini Set $300>$200

Goku Set $600>$300

Max hit commands + Max hit dummies 

:maxhit <-- Melee max hit

::maxhitr <-- Range max hit 

::maxhitm <- Mage max hit 

And the Max hit dummies can be found at home 5 of them! 

Combine All for Astrals 

We have made astrals easier to do, but since we made it easier to do, we have also decreased the sell price of white, green and blue astrals. White is worth 200b from 250b, green is worth 500b from 750b, and blue 1000b from 2000b. This should keep astrals still pricey, even with the ease to do them now <3 

Attack Style Rework = Melee buffed up to 2-3x from what it is

Melee has finally been fixed, and all the formulas for all attack styles are now properly documented and this took A LOT of testing from the whole staff and Mage team. The result created the proper ::maxhit calculations. This believe it or not TOOK A LONG LONG TIME, and will make MAGE even more amazing for years to come. <3

 Bugs fixed

  • Quick joining with raids has been fixed

Content addition 

  • The Easter stuff should now be changed from an Egg to the stuff you obtained during Easter!
  • Auctioneer is removed from ::tut and renamed to player owned shops
  • All potions from Herblore is untradable this is to force people to skill and obtain the best pots in-game! 
  • Potions now require a Herblore level to drink them
  • Stormtrooper is now nerfed to 2 lines per tick, this is because 007 is supposed to be the set with 3 lines per tick
  • 007 Boss has been reworked and is now 1-4 NPC's to kill to get a key, and can go upstairs and kill him and repeat the process, this makes getting Bond gear and killing bond in general 3-4x easier and faster
  • Life potion cannot be used on Vorago now


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Love the update to astrals and qol updates can't wait to reach the new bosses

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