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18/06/20 - Quality of Life, Fixes, Combat Rework

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Welcome to our Bi-Monthly Update

Thank you guys for supporting us, we are growing Mage again and communicating greatly with our community now and improving in all aspects. We want to make Mage better for you and everyday listening to the feedback we receive, the suggestions you guys make, and fixing the bugs you guys report. <3

Space Tools 

We have added 2 new Anvils, a Dragon Anvil and a Space anvil for the proper tools they will make

We have also added a Space Axe and Space Pickaxe to be made via the Space Anvils requiring same amount of bars and double the experience from Dragon basically.

To use it on a tree or ore you will need 115 in mining or woodcutting



Proc is a new system to see if your astrals are working and what would be your hit before astrals and if for example your Crit Astral popped off or not


Weapon Updates

We have updated the following Weapons

Blood scythe 3 Lines of damage same tick speed, Healing was reduced to 5 HP per swing

More weapons are being updated and tested and added onto


Thieving Rework

Thieving has been reworked to now support donor ranks, so people who didn't do zones or early gamers now will have to accept the lower gain of thieving income due to not doing zones for free donations or making alts and using level 3s to do thieving and abuse the system for quick monetary gain. So all in all thieving has been nerfed in half, but with addition of the donor rank system into it, will make it more fair for everyone new players and old! 

$10 Rank - 5% more tokens per token thieve 
$25 Rank - 10% More tokens per token thieve 
$50 Rank - 15% More tokens per token Thieve
$125 Rank - 20% More tokens per token Thieve
$250 - 25% More tokens per token thieve
$500 - 30% More tokens per token Thieve
Sponsor - 40% 
Diamond 50% 


Bug Fixes

  • Getting Double potion 15 minute effect without doing the proper zones for it
  • Getting a Dragonball for 2 Goku kills without 30 zones done
  • Care Package working properly 
  • Fixed all the BP task bugs
  • All the Firemaking buff bugs have been fixed
  • Battlepass was only going up to 99, but now goes to 100 
  • Fixed bug with crab leader unlocked spamming
  • Fixed Hellfire tutorial task giving the wrong 300 points was giving slayer points before now its hellfire points as it should be
  • Trophies all start level 1 now, not level 0
  • Voting stops bringing up the tutorial interface now if you completed it 
  • Reflective Shield Buff bugs have been fixed
  • Fixed quick join on raids person at ::raids
  • ::power fixed by leaving and killing other NPC's outside of the ::power zone and still getting buff 
  • Death embrace bug has been fixed 
  • Jail has been fixed 
  • Fixed BP not being assigned to players daily due to multiple accs, or because they were online when we just dropped the update
  • Fixed Scyther zone message showing incorrect health
  • Fixed a bug with all lion pieces not counting toward a full set 
  • Fixed withdrawing noted absorption pots 
  • Fixed buff with self welcome buff being conned twice
  • Fixed problems with Harry Potter gear and making Harry Potter still the best gear/set now to use 

Content Updates

  • Alt Key to make everything Use has been added 
  • When people first unlock something in the collections log will now say in the chat 
  • Death pot has been nerfed to not 1 HKO anything in-game, but up to 2m hp stuff and diamond cape is 500k, so its worth it!
  • Life pot abuse has been fixed and is now only allowed to be using one life pot per uid/ip 
  • Player owned shops has now been reworked fully, and all the features should be working perfectly. Creating a in-game price guide and informing people about history of the item and history of any other items that have been sold in-game.
  • Huge code clean up has been done for un-used or old code
  • Removed un-used packets from being sent 
  • One handed damage and two handed damage has been made into a max of 100%, plus 10% to be gained from only one boss. 
  • Two handed is now Lucky knights, Satucre boss, Kril, Hades, Diablo with more added soon 
  • One handed is now Vorago, Tormented Demons, Corporeal beast, Queen black dragon/QBD, Blood Cerberus with more added soon 


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