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Fishing guide (In Progress)

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This guide will show you how to get from 99 to 135 Fishing.

So we are gonna divide this guide into 5 parts, each explaining on where to fish.


While Fishing we are gonna need the followin supplies.

  1. A big Fishing net (obtainable at ::shops)
  2. A dragon Fishing net (obtainable through players or Smithing)
  3. A dragon Fishing rod (obtainable through players or Smithing)
  4. Blood feathers (obtainable through players or Hunter)
  5. Space feathers (obtainable through players or Hunter)



Jungle island

On jungle island we are gonna fish Raw alien octopus.

There is one spot to catch them on Jungle island.

  1. North-east



Raw alien octopusses are caught with a big fishing net.

You can get the big fishing net at ::shops and talking to the General and Skilling shop.


To start catching the Raw octopusses, Just make sure you have the big fishing net in your inventory.


While fishing you could also get random drops off 1b tokens or mystery boxes.

Each successfully caught octopus will give you 2k experience.


The Raw alien octopusses can either be used for Cooking or sold to players.

We fish the Raw alien octopusses until 106 Fishing

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