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Nogitsune's Forums Moderator+ Application

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Posted (edited)

In-Game Name: Nogitsune

Current Rank: Extreme Donator

Past experience: Been a forums moderator for a year before being "promoted" to a forum administrator for an online gaming community. I have been an administrator for the community for over a year's total time now as well. Well versed in IPB forums.

Reason for wanting to become forum staff: I always enjoy being around forums regardless of the community, org, game, etc. I find an odd satisfaction in monitoring them and keeping up to date on them and if the situation permits it, heavily posting on them.

How can I help: I can help keep up with the forums and making sure topics are appropriate, depending on the position in forum staff possibly help keep up with rank requests and more.

Little proof of status and activity I tend to have on forums can be found below.


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