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15/04/20 - Mini Easter Event Before Season 2

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People wanted an Easter Event and we brought back last years event with a twist! 

We have made the rewards better and the final look of the 2020 Easter rewards you will be getting will be a surprise, on season 2. For now you buy an Egg inside the Easter Egg shop and it will turn into the prize with Season 2s release. 

Easter Map And Event!


Easter Egg #1 = Pet - Flambeed effect, restores 50 hp every 15 game ticks so 9 seconds(Any suggestions to change it let us know)

Easter Egg #2 - Headgear - 2000 in all stats + 2000 str bonus + 10 prayer  

Easter Egg #3 - Weapon - Attacks as fast a Lance, 4250 str bonus. +1500 att bonuses no magic or range bonus 

Easter Egg #4 - Shield Slot - We are thinking Dragonbone Spirit Shield effect for this item, +1500 in magic bonus/Range Bonus +2000 in melee attack bonuses +2000 in str bonus.

Ways to Obtain Eggs - More added every single day

Kill Bunnies at ::easter for 1-3 eggs per kill

Kill 500 Bunnies and a Easter Bunny Mama will spawn and give everyone whos killing it 50 eggs 

Kill Goku and get 10 eggs for it 

Complete a 500 Kill Boss Task and claim your scroll and you will be given 100 eggs for it


Also Discord bot has been fully fixed and updated to latest version. Has not been updated since release API wise.

And Voting has been fully fixed and updated! So don't forget to vote on Runelocus :)


Happy Easter Guys and stay safe <3



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