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Wrapped Text in Chatboxes

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Hi everyone, first time posting on these forums and if not using a correct format; please let me know and I'll fix it up.


So my suggestion is that we have an added maximum character limit (255 or whatever) chat feature per message, but the message actually wraps under itself in a second line instead of going off the right hand side of the chat box, like the word "wrap" suggests, and this could be applied for both the chat boxes for yell, clan, public etc and dm's.

When talking in the game, your message actually extends further than it looks compared to your typing bar and the chat box. Resulting in half your message being cut off, and having to finish it off in a second message only to be told to wait 10-20 seconds between messages, thus having to type it a third time.

It may seem petty and useless to some, but I'm sure this would save a lot of frustration for most of us. Just makes sense for the text to wrap into a single message in the first place, or at least have a character limit per message based whatever the maximum characters allowed for a username would be to assume when the message would actually continue off the screen to be unreadable. 

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