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MagePs Optimal Starter Guide

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Welcome to MagePs

This is a guide that will efficiently help you get through the game! c:

To start off, you have 4 game modes to choose from:

Normal Mode - Normal gameplay, Player trading, and Player-owned Shops.

Ironman Mode - No trading or access to Player-owned Shops. 55% starting Droprate.

Hardcore Ironman Mode - Same benefits as Ironman, but account resets when you die. 

Group Ironman Mode -  Same benefits as the Iron/Hardcore ironman, but are able to form up to groups of 4 players.



Where to begin: 

To start off: Begin the tutorial, ::tut. It will show the how the home is set up. To claim rewards, ::tutc. I would suggest always starting with the tutorial first because it gives helpful rewards such as ring of wealth, tokens, water lance, free hellfire platebody, and a magical box when you finish. Warning: Must have tutorial active for you to finish tasks!!




Golden Keys ::gkey
Golden keys are similar to Crystal keys; however, the NPC is harder to kill (more HP) these are the crab NPC and drops gkeys which have better gear. There is a pretty specific gear set we are chasing here to help us in the next step greatly.
Same thing with golden, kill, they drop keys, put in first slot and do ::openallgkey.
The specific gear we are after are as followed:
⦁    Lime bandos chest and tasset
⦁    Brutal whip
⦁    Cape of light
⦁    Arrow shield
⦁    Spectre boots
⦁    Trimmed amulet of fury T2




After a certain part of the tutorial, it will take you to ::lance. Before you start killing, We are going to get prayer to a minimum of 43 so we can protect melee. There is three different NPC’s we could kill for bones. Each one increase in difficulty and at the same time xp/bone go up as well. I suggest using these on the white altar at home for best xp. The three we are talking of are:
⦁    Frost Dragons – Frost dragon bones - ::frost – 13500xp buried, 27000xp on altar
⦁    Celestial Dragons – Celestial dragon bones - ::celestial – 60000 buried, 120000 on altar
⦁    Horrors – Horror bones - ::horror – 90000xp buried, 180000 on altar

Once you get minimum 43 prayer we can progress to the next part.

Hellfire Knights ::lance

This minigame holds a total of 10 lances, Water to Light. Light being the last and is upgraded to become a Hellfire Lance. 


There is a random encounter for players to get a Hellfire Boss, these guys are worth 25pts and have a small chance of dropping an armour piece.


Each piece is worth 750 pts. The pet is 5k pts and gives a 9% drop rate bonus.


Two Paths

After getting Hellfire Lance you have two choices. 

1: Acquire Range Gear

2: Start Doing Zones

Range Gear ::tri

Once you have Hellfire Lance, you should be able to farm ::tri zone. The rangers drop keys and use them on the chest to receive tokens, silver keys and golden keys. They also have a chance to get their corresponding gear from chest. The Ranger's Shortbow is a very fast attack speed weapon. Can be very good early game if you have range gear. The grind sucks but can be worth it in the end. Note: This is probably the easiest way to earn money which is tokens. 

Warning: Don't recommend this to players who don't like to grind. Can be very RNG based.


Zones ::zones

After getting Hellfire Lance, its very much optimal that you start zones right away. You don't need to finish all the tasks in at one time. You just need to make it until you have the requirements to get to ::luckyknight. 


Zone Rewards

Finishing one zone 

5% drop rate boost 
Lucky heaven stone and one double str pot 

Finishing three zones 

5% damage boost 
Magical mbox and one double str pot


Finishing five zones

5% damage boost to one handed weapons 
2k donation point box plus $10 added to rank and two double str


Finishing seven zones

10% damage boost to two handed weapons
Pet box and two double str 

Finishing 10 zones

10% drop rate, increases double pots potion duration by 15 minutes and a permanent 15 hp boost 
$20 added to rank 4k points so 2x 2k boxes and one magical box free and three double str 
Finishing 12 zones

10% damage reduction, 5% drop rate 
Get a 100% 10% scroll


Finishing 15 zones

10% damage reduction, 15 hp boost again, 10% damage increase
$30 added to rank and 6k d points and 5 double str and two magical mbox and one pet box free 


Finish 18 Zones

10% Drop rate boost
Get a Trophy box for free


Finish 20 Zones

$40 added to Rank and 8k d points
Can Claim Attendance now twice a day, so people can finish it in 15 days now instead of 30


Finish 22 Zones 

10% Drop rate boost and 10% damage increase 
Two 100% 10% scrolls 


Finish 25 Zones 

 $50 added to Rank and 10k d points
Get a Care Package every day with random stuff inside to help you on today's day


Finish 28 zones 

10% double drop rate chance 
Get a chest ticket free 


Finish 30 Zones

$60 added to Rank and 12k d points 
Get a Daily Random Dragonball added to your bank after killing ::Goku twice


Tower Minigame ::tower

Tower minigame is an afk way to gain npckills, it's also where to get the Interdimensional Donut. The donut is by far the best food item in the game. Infinite amount of food and can be upgraded by the grails. Holy Grail adds prayer, and Holy Grail 3 adds an overload effect. All while being infinite. 

For Fast points I recommend Normal mode. For afk, Endless mode. You will not get in trouble if you afk in the tower.


Lucky Knights ::luckyknight

The main items you are wanting to drop here at first to gear yourself is the Completionest gear set. They offer 2% DR per piece and an additional 15% for complete set (plate, legs, boots, gloves, helm) In addition to this the Lucky Teddy bear is a fantastic offhand and a well sort after item. I can also be upgraded with the Lucky heaven stone. The upgraded version will offer a flat 21% DR and an additional 1% per equipment equipped. Make sure to grab a boss task at ::slayer. 500 kills will give you a task scroll with a chance for a rare item.

Lucky Ring of Life [Damaged] Is well sort after as well, however you will need the ice diamond to fix this item to normal LRoL and then from there a Lucky heaven stone can be used to upgrade it to the Unbreakable version. 



Upgrading your Weapon

Rage Vorago ::vorago ::rage

Note: You need 500 regular vorago kills at ::vorago before you can kill them at ::rage

Vorago drops the Flaming Katana and the Extremely Flaming Katana. Which both can be upgraded to Gem and Omega Katanas. This is where you pray and hope to get lucky because the drop table for Rage Vorago is massive. The armour set is also a nice upgrade from lucky or hellfire. Make sure to grab a boss task at ::slayer. 500 kills will give you a task scroll with a chance for a rare item.

To start: Teleport to ::vorago and grab a maul from the middle coffin. Teleport to ::rage and start killing the Rage Voragos.


Gem Katana


Omega Katana


Once you have a katana, you should be able to breeze through the zones. The next upgrade for your armour would have to be a vegeta set. Most people sell them for around 400t. The set gives a 10% dmg bonus. 


Easiest Way to Make Money! $$$

Voting - Voting 14 times a day focusing Runelocus. Every 14 votes you can buy a blood key and sell it to players for 30-35t each. 

Zones - pretty self explanatory, the farther u get into the zones, the better the drops you're going to get. 

Join masses when they happen, includes boss of the day, ::raids, and Goku. 



::thread 11740 for guides

Grind items worth 1t+ at Grinder in Bank or Home next to Vote Shop.

Sell zones junk to Torzek at Home.



::Will update when anything changes:: 







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