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Donation Benifits Updated 2020

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Become a Supporter of MagePs and gain Benefits!

*These ranks are Accumulated as you purchase options from the online store*

$10 Regular Donator


*::dcommands - to view donator commands*







::bank (or Cntrl + B )

::yell; Without needing 500 npc kills

More Benefits

Each donor rank gains access to new, free rewards by using the command ::tiers in game!

You can yell every 25 seconds
custom ::afk npc
5% Drop Rate Boost
Duradel contact
Ability to have over 100 friends in your friend list
No limitations on clan chat
Ability to reset stats
Can swap spell book with button
Can use dungeoneering skillcape emotes
No PM Limitations

Donor rank ::tier rewards!
~Donator Benefits are passed onto the next Rank~

$25 Super donator


10% Drop Rate Boost

::tiers rewards for this rank include...


$50 Extreme donator






More Benefits

You can yell every 20 seconds
custom ::afk npc
15% drop rate boost 
::tiers rewards for this rank include...



$125 Legendary donator


::recharge Every 7 Minutes

20% Drop Rate Boost
::tiers rewards for this rank include...




$250 Divine donator

::recharge Every 5 Minutes

30% Drop Rate Bonus
3% Chance To Get Double Tokens With Item Exchanger/Grinder

::tiers rewards for this rank include...



$500 VIP


::recharge every 3 minutes
custom ::afk npc

More Benefits
40% drop rate
1 in 2048 chance to instakill npc when you attack it
6% chance to get double tokens with item exchanger

::tiers rewards for this rank include...




This Rank is Bought Separately!

Upgraded From Vip Rank Using 400$ Sponsor Chest Upgrade

15 second yell timer
ability to set custom yell tag
50% Drop Rate Bonus
::szone - sponsor zone
1 in 1024 chance to instakill npc when you attack it
10% chance to get double tokens with item exchanger
Grants Ability To Wear Sponsor Cape and Sponsor Hood


This Rank Also Saves Drop Potential%

Sponsor Zone


::tiers rewards for this rank include...


More Benefits will be added throughout future Updates :)

Diamond Rank


This rank is bought Separately!

Upgraded From Sponsor Rank Using $600 Diamond Upgrade Chest

Diamond Cape - Best in Slot Cape now, and allows 1 Hkoing up to 5m hp NPC's with no cooldown 
No Yell Timer 
70% Drop rate 
::odzone - New Diamond Zone 
1 in 512 chance to instakill NPC when you attack it 
15% chance to get double tokens with item exchanger 
Can have up three continous boss tasks with the 3rd being Goku 100%, would say in the player tab "Become Diamond to Unlock this Task"




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