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What happened to Mage and the future(Season 2)

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Hey so before we begin, these are some topics that I have wanted to discuss for a few months now. 

I have been blamed for almost everything that has happened to Mage, but all I am doing and have been doing is making Mage the best possible game for you guys! 


If you didn't know already, then the problem with my ex-partner and Axo was the theft over a large sum of money and for the bills I paid and the people he charged back. In the end I lost around $xx,xxx US Dollars. Before his departure he was coding multiple bugs and poorly coding content during the time he was accepting money for the server through his Paypal. This led to a very bad Thanksgiving event and a Christmas event which had dire bugs and led to a lot of people leaving up to 30-40 player count lost in a matter of a week. This is also the time he disappeared, it happened on December 23rd. So basically everything we built up was being destroyed. In the end I lost tons of money and the trust of the community, because the week before that I promised Season 2. What I didn't lose was hope, in the end Mage was something I started and only I can end it, but I will never let Mage end as its my server. Thankfully I had to support of my team who stayed who at the time was Jesse, and eventually we found one developer who turned out to not be good enough to stay on the team, and that was the month of January pretty much gone, but tons of ideas were made for Season 2 during the month of January and thankfully some of the bugs were fixed too. Now we are in February and we currently have a full time Developer again who is handling the work load accordingly with all the bugs fixed, and the Season 2 update is around the corner.

The next topic is Season 2 and I hope this clears up any confusion and hope I can stop being blamed as I am trying my hardest for my community and players :)

Season 2 

Season 2 is like almost here, before Season 2 comes we had to fix tons offfffff bugs. These are bugs that our old developer Axo couldn't fix or never cared to fix and kept moving forward on adding more content on top of the bugs and it led to some issues in the long run. Thankfully all of these bugs were fixed and all the future content should contain close to no bugs and if there is will be fixed within 24 hours. Another issue we tried to fix with Season 2 is so other servers will not steal our models and ideas, this led to creating lots of things such as encrypting our models(so other RSPS can't take), better client and launcher(so people won't have issues downloading). To make Season 2 work all of Season 1 issues had to be fixed, and that was fixing a year+ of Axo's coding, no one is perfect, but thankfully for Mage this was a blessing in disguise as another developer having a look at our source helped a ton. Now we are ready to move forward and forget the past because we are forging a BRIGHT BRIGHT Future, and we are here to take Mage to the top! 

The Mage team currently is 

Leviticus - Lead Developer

Jesse - Main Map Maker, part time Modeler, and Full time Content Creator tester/Feedback listener

Satucre - The Owner who does everything else


Thank you everyone for listening. 

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